Yacht for Charter

44ft / 13.7M | Builder: Lagoon | Year: 2018

Yacht Charter FLOATATION THERAPY By Lagoon

Length 44ft (13.7m)
Beam 26ft 11in (8.2m)
Draft 4ft 11in (1.5m)
Year Built 2018
Builder Lagoon
Designer Not known
Staterooms 3
Sleeps 6
Refit Not known
Cruising Speed 10kts (18kph)
Stabilisers None
Flag Not known
Engines 2x Yanmar 54hp
Locations Caribbean
From: $15,000 plus expenses
Diving Onboard

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    Captain: Michael Plotner


    -USCG 100ton Masters



    -Powerboat Level II

    -PADI Dive Master

    -STCW 95


    Michael was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania by Lake Erie. Being around lakes and fresh water rivers fishing and boating was a big part of growing up. After attending university at Edinboro PA and getting an accounting degree his career plans took a turn when he took an interest in Maritime in San Francisco in 2015. The rest is history and his love of the ocean, care and safety of vessels, and providing the best experience to guests and friends around him to the top standards has become his main goal. Working as chief engineer on a 160’ schooner his management and engineering skills have developed to a high standard for preventative maintenance and top care of a vessels mechanical, electrical, and AV related systems. His competence on a vessel and sense of adventure will ensure you have a great experience when embarking on a new adventure.

    Chef: Sara Hogan


    -USCG 100ton Masters

    -RYA Day Skipper License

    -RYA Power Boat Level II

    -PADI Dive Master

    -STCW 95


    Sara was born in Texas and lived her younger years in San Antonio. At 13 years old her parents decided to move onto their 41’morgan out island sailboat. She lived onboard invincible until she was 18. During those 5 years onboard, she traveled through the eastern and western Caribbean learning Spanish, surfing, sailing, and living a life on the ocean. Growing up on the ocean inspired her to pursue a career in maritime. She loves entertaining and sharing her knowledge of the water to ensure the most spectacular time for her guests and friends alike. Being the chef onboard it will be her pleasure for her to provide you the absolute best entrees and hors d’oeuvres. Sara with her sense of adventure, love for the water, and culinary skills she will ensure you to have the best experience on any vessel.

    Michael and Sara first met on a 160’ sailing yacht in New York City working as crew. Michael was the engineer and Sara was hired on as a deckhand. They hit it off instantly developing a relationship both professionally and romantically. The couple worked for 2 years together sailing and exploring New York and Newport in the summer, the Caribbean, and Bermuda in the winter. After being together for 3 years now they want to share their passion for the ocean and working on sailboats to provide guests with the best experience.

    4/15/2019 You two make this special, it felt like a vacation with friends. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

    Capt. Andrew
    To Sandy Andy & Mobile Mac -
    Thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime! It was truly an experience we will never forget - I’ve also never heard Robbie talk so much - that means he really liked you both 😀. I don’t think I would pick a favorite part of the trip as everyday was special and fun. All of the snorkeling adventures were great. Especially since Sandy Andy makes sure poke under every single rock and apparently “loooved harassing the lobsta”. Mobile Mac taking us through the high seas to see the shark was also amazing!
    I’ve never had so much fun or see anything more beautiful but it was you two who truly made this trip a trip of a lifetime. The food was Absolutely Incredible & now I’m sure Robbie will now think everything I cook tastes like ass.
    Although Donnas butt shrimp was pretty good😄. Thank you for teaching Robbie to be a professional snorkeled & for letting us win one time in Sequence. Thank you for treating us like friends and laughing along with us. Everyday was a fun adventure & we will never forget it. You two are the bomb.com. We really hope our paths cross again on our next adventure. You guys are killin the game. We will certainly be back to reclaim the sequence championship. Mobile Mac thank you for the wine night sand all the laughs it seemed like I had know you years. Hopefully one day we will make a page of the memoirs. Stay awesome and we will miss you both back home. Thank you so much for all you did for us and I don’t think I have enough room to write it all, so I’ll shut up now😀. Stay awesome
    GT & Brocoli Rob
    That was just one lol.

    Captain Andrew and Mac,
    This was an adventure I will remember forever. Multiple shark sightings and snorkel battle were things I’ll never forget. I will tell everyone about the time Capt andrew yelled “it shark coming your way” while we snorkeled an uncharted location. And the food.... wow. I’ve never eaten so much seafood. Every meal was amazing. You two make this special, it felt like a vacation with friends. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else. Thanks for the experience of a lifetime. Oh captain my captain! Good luck with all your future adventures. I hope our paths cross again
    Broccoli Rob

    Michaela and Andrew-
    This trip has been in my bucket list for years. I didn’t imagine it would be this wonderful. Having the two of you as the crew made the trip that more amazing. I have never seen my husband have such a great time on any other trip. All of the meals were amazing. Andrew really great job at explaining all the sites and places that he took us. We immediately felt so comfortable around them on day one. Watch out the Brocatos will return!! Thanks again for giving us the experience of a lifetime
    Ps. Sorry about the butt shrimp the bite out the Cooke appetizer. Ha! We can’t wait to see you again.
    Love Steve and Donna

    6/30/2018 Michaela and Andy were a fun-loving and clearly capable couple that covered each detail of our trip to make the experience truly outstanding.

    Our stay on the Flip Flop was better than we could have ever imagined. Captain Andrew and Michaela worked tirelessly to ensure our trip was amazing. For a young couple, they exuded maturity and confidence. Andrew, with his calm demeanor, kept us on schedule with our lengthy wish list of places to see and activities to do and that was not an easy task with our crew of personalities. Andrew’s competency on the water and was apparent. He and Michaela worked seamlessly to get us underway sailing or motoring to our next destination. It was clearly evident that they were knowledgeable and experienced.Michaela, growing up in the area, had extensive knowledge of the most beautiful dive and snorkeling spots. She guided us on a couple beautiful hikes with mountain top viewing areas that offered a 360-degree view of almost the entire BVI area. Michaela’s intimate knowledge of the islands and the people gave us a glimpse of the local flavor of the islands outside of the tourist areas. Michaela also amazed us every day with daily meals you could expect at a five star restaurant. With the small galley and limited resources, Michaela created magnificent meals down to the homemade pasta noodles. She did not skimp on any detail and clearly took pride in everything she did. Andy was a no slouch in the kitchen either and was a master at unique napkin folding which was a special touch each day. Michaela and Andy were a fun-loving and clearly capable couple that covered each detail of our trip to make the experience truly outstanding. We will definitely seek out this couple on future adventures.Lastly, before our trip, were concerned to be a burden on the people of the BVI due to the recent devastating hurricane; however, the local people were thrilled to see us and for the most part we could not even tell the damage that had been done. The common hot spots were up and running with full service. For us tourists, the one positive is that we could enjoy many areas without huge crowds of other tourists. We had the most incredible bays all to ourselves on several nights. We would not hesitate visiting this beautiful area again and encourage you to go now before the throngs of tourists return. The local people need your support and you will not be disappointed.Eric & Ginger B., Montana

    5/24/2018 The matchup with Flip Flop, Cap’n Andy and Mac was perfect

    The matchup with Flip Flop, Cap’n Andy and Mac was perfect - we honestly could not imagine a better crew. From the moment we arrived to the very last detail of our departure, they worked tirelessly to ensure our trip was everything and more. They mapped out a route with all the highlights of the Islands and somehow included everything on our long list of requests. It was obvious they put a great deal of time and thought into our custom tailored itinerary, gourmet meals, extensive cocktail list, and daily fun-filled adventures. We couldn’t ask for a better Captain - Andrew was professional, confident, proficient, and trustworthy. His quiet sense of humor, adventurous spirit and fun nature was exciting to be around (not to mention, he can fold a mean napkin!). Andy’s skills and knowledge of the area made us feel safe and our wishes were his #1 priority. Michaela - wow...she outdid herself with every gourmet meal. She took such care and time in preparing each dish and they were nothing short of incredible and delicious (we have photos of each meal to prove it!). It seems her talents are endless. As our dive guide, she was confident, knowledgeable and took great pride in showing us the best dive spots. Having grown up in the Islands, she has extensive ‘local’ insight and we loved hearing her stories and experiences of her life there. With their combined knowledge of the Virgin Islands, both past and present, they provided great conversation - there wasn’t a single wild or serious question they couldn’t answer. No request was too big or too small, Andy and Mac went above and beyond to show us the time of our lives. It’s apparent they are a perfect match for chartering and their desire to please is a gift. We just simply loved their company and look forward to the next time our paths cross (hopefully our next charter - can’t imagine it without them)!!!Regarding the Islands themselves, they were inviting and amazing. Since this was my first trip, I don’t have a pre-hurricane comparison, but it’s apparent they have rebounded incredibly well. We had the fortune of small crowds, easy mooring, clean and beautiful beaches, flourishing reefs, vibrant marine life, and very welcoming and gracious residents. Many of the beach bars, restaurants, and shops are open and full of fun - now is the perfect opportunity. I highly encourage anyone considering a BVI vacation to take advantage of the Islands now and in doing so, will also help in their recovery. Thanks again for everything - this truly was the vacation of a lifetime...we can’t wait to go back! I’ll forward a few pictures as well - we have so many great shots, but I promise to only send a few. Enjoy,Lisa H.

    4/18/2018 Please just know you both are amazing beautiful souls and your love for the sea will stay with us for many years to come!

    Mac and Capt Andy,I just want to say thank you for an awesome time, even though I wish I could be first mate. You guys are killing it and chilling like you should. Stay wicked smart.MikeThank you guys for such an awesome week aboard Flip Flop! I had so much fun and enjoyed your professionalism the entire time. I truly hope we all meet again to enjoy the seas. Food-sun-drinks and friendships. Until then...Dingy Dingy,TonyCant Andy & Mac,We can't imagine being on another boat! You two have it going on!Thank you for sharing your special spots with us and keeping us active and experiencing what the US and BVI's have to offer. Our week was incredible - hiking, scooters, treasures, sailing, fishing and the most amazing dives ever!We appreciate the wonderful meals and your extra special touches.You both worked your bumpah's off and we really appreciate all of your extra efforts to make our vacation absolutely amazing!We are impressed with your expertise on the water and your professionalism. Thank you for putting up with our crazy crew. Please know if you ever make it to Montana or Idaho - you are always welcome.Thank you Mac for your help with me buoyancy issues and at the same time keeping it fun for all.You tow keep doing what your are doing - you are a perfect compliment to each other!Our week on the Flip Flop was beyond our expiration; however, it is not the boat that makes the trip it is it's crew. We expect we will see you again on another adventure in the future. Best wishes to you both!GingerCapt Andy and Mac,You guys rock! No way to adequately express how wicked fun this sailing BVI trip has been - a total dream come true. Too many crazy fun moments to share - please just know you both are amazing beautiful souls and your love for the sea will stay with us for many years to come! We look forward to continued cocktails and shared times together! Cheers,LisaCant Andy and Mac,Holy shit, where do I begin? You both showed us the trip of our lives. This trip will be a trip that may never be topped and will be remembered forever. I can't thank you enough for everything you guys did for us. Thank you for letting me caress your beautiful locks Andy!Dilly Dilly,NatSooooooo.........Awesome!! You two are the absolute best! Very knowledgeable and so even keel. Thanks for the saying trips Andy and thanks for the diving treasures Mac!! It is part of my life I hope to come back to and maybe share with my boys someday. Everyone deserves people like you guys in their life! Safe travels and beautiful seas!Tony

    2/7/2018 Surpassed all of our wildest dreams!

    If anyone has ever thought of chartering a Catamaran in the British Virgin Island do it with Andy and Michaela aboard the FlipFlop! It was an experience of a lifetime, one that surpassed all of our wildest dreams. We enjoyed our time on the boat so much, we didn't want to ever leave. The islands were devastated by the hurricanes Irma and Maria, but they are rebuilding quickly and though not a lot was open, our experience was perfect! I wish we were still there!Lori

    1/3/2018 Unforgettable Week

    Andy and Michaela, Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable week. We had a wonderful Christmas. The food, hospitality, dives and adventures were top notch. Thanks again for a good trip.Darrem

    10/2/2018 Excellent Friendship

    Andy and Michaela,Thanks for the opportunity in letting me with you fine people the past couple weeks. I've had a great time thanks to your expertise. I've enjoyed the sailing and picture taking, the delicious food and your excellent friendship.I wish you the best in your new adventures. Again many thanks for a job well done.Best Regards,Charlie

    5/4/2018 So home we go to the snow and cold, but will never forget our week with you both

    Andrew and Michaela,Thank you for keeping us busy and thoroughly entertained well into the evening. Your bananagrams skills are an inspiration! So home we go to the snow and cold, but will never forget our week with you both. Best of luck in your future endeavors and safe travels. Hope out paths cross again. With our thanks again!Gaby, Georgina, and Will

    10/1/2017 Whoohoo! 1st charter was a success!

    Andrew & Michaela,Whoohoo! 1st charter was a success! Thank you both for an AMAZING week on Flip Flop creating family memories. Your stress free easy going demeanors allowed for a perfect vacay! Always felt at home on board. We put a lot of thought into this charter trying to find the "perfect" fit for our family and we couldn't be happier! You guys were everything and more that we hoped for. Good luck on all your travels."-Ricky, Natalie, Kai & Gavin

    Indoor audio system, iPod dock, TV saloon, Wi-Fi, 12ft/3.7m RIB 20hp, Beach games, Floating mats, Kayaks multiple, Paddleboards multiple, Tube - towable, Water skis - child, BBQ, Deck shower, Fishing gear - light, Hammocks, Special diets
    Not Insured, Snorkelling gear, Underwater still camera, 8 Tanks, 6 BCs, 6 Regulators, Dive Master,

    Michaela is a Divemaster.

    3 dives per week included for Certified Divers.

    Extra Dives are $25 per person/per dive.

    $150 for Resort Course and would need an instructor on board.

    $300 for Full Course and would need an instructor on board.