Historical Yacht Charter

Historical Turkey Yacht Charter

marmaris-yacht-charterThe Southwestern coast of Turkey between the cities of Bodrum and Goçek is the nation’s primary yacht charter region. This rugged stretch of coastline is so close to Greece’s Dodecanese Islands that they are often visible without the use of binoculars.

Modern megayachts ply the waters alongside Turkey’s traditional gulets, which are motorsailing yachts noted for their leisurely speeds and com­fortable stability. Like neighboring Greece, Turkey offers a wealth of ancient sites to explore, traditions to learn and culture to enjoy. In the port cities such as Marmaris, cafés and restaurants are just steps away from the marinas.

Continue into the center of each town to find its bazaar, which bustles with activity from noon until well after dinnertime. Haggling is practically a national sport, with everything from hand-loomed rugs to handcrafted leather goods offered for sale. Many shopkeepers will offer you a hot or chilled cup of apple tea to whet your appetite for a sizable purchase.

Other port cities are historic echoes of their former selves, with the ruins of ancient buildings and amphitheaters pushing right up against the shore. In Knidos, for instance, your charter yacht can anchor within swimming distance of an amphitheater that served as the center of city culture many centuries ago. Climb to the top and take a seat on the crumbling stone slabs as you imagine the voices of play­wrights and singers carrying across the stage to the sea. In the near distance, you will see your charter yacht, much as seagoing sailors of ancient times saw their own boats in the same harbor.

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