Windward Islands Yacht Charter

Windward Islands Yacht Charter

St. Vincent and the Grenadines comprise the majority of the Windward Islands yacht charter cruising region in the Caribbean. The Windward Islands archipelago stretches from north to south like a string of pearls pulled end-to-end, with each island offering unique experiences on shore.

Windward Islands yacht charter, Bequia

Bequia is a paradise of white sand beaches, charming restaurants and boutique shopping. Walk from the marina into town for a look at the wares being crafted by locals, or wander along the purpose-built promenade that lines the main harbor with unobstructed views of the sea.

Windward Islands yacht charter Mustique Simplicity Beach

The ambiance is decidedly quieter on Mustique, where many visitors stay in private homes as opposed to large-scale hotels. A small town near the main harbor offers a few boutiques and gour­met dining, but the man-made structures quickly give way to the island in its natural state. Groves of palm trees alternate with stretches of green grass that are a favorite location for horseback riding.

Windward Islands yacht charter Tobago Cays

Watersports enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the Tobago Cays on their Windward Islands yacht charter; a five-island stretch that is a national park and wildlife preserve. Leap from your charter yacht’s swim platform into crystal-clear waters, or ride a few minutes in your yacht’s dinghy to snorkel with turtles that call the preserve home.

Windward Islands yacht charter sea turtle

At sunset, tender ashore to a grilled-lobster beach barbecue complete with white tablecloths and glowing candles atop picnic tables at the water’s edge. Sip your favorite wines brought ashore from your charter yacht during a walk in the moonlight with the surf lapping across your toes.

Windward Islands yacht charter beach BBQ

When to Visit The Windward Islands

The best time to visit the Windward Islands is between December and May, when it’s drier, cooler and less humid. But November, June and July are also good times to go, but this includes the rainy season – which however is the best time for birdwatching and waterfalls are at their fullest and most beautiful!

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