Greece’s Aegean Islands Yacht Charter

Greece’s Aegean Islands Yacht Charter

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The Aegean Islands are the closest archipelago to the Greek capital of Athens, making a land-based tour of the historic city an option at either the beginning or the end of your yacht charter itinerary. Explore the Parthenon and Ancient Agora before embarking at the marina of Piraeus, which is within easy cruising distance of the Aegean archipelago.

Ancient ruins are available for exploring on many of the islands, only without the long lines and waits that accompany more famous sites in Athens. On Aegina, for instance, a beautifully preserved temple awaits. With no more than a handful of people at a time, you may approach the standing columns and marble steps just as the sandal-footed worshipers did centuries ago.

The Aegean island of Hydra offers one of the most picturesque harbors in the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean, with just a handful of spots at the quay for megayachts to tie up. Watch with an eagle-eye view from the sun deck as the captain and crew maneuver your charter yacht into the bustling harbor, with traditional fishing boats zipping to and fro. Step off the yacht’s passarelle and meander the narrow alleyways where donkeys and mules replace cars as the source of transportation. Stop for a feta and tomato salad in a local café, sip on a shot glass filled with the local favorite known as ouzo, or climb the seemingly endless stone steps that lead high above the marina for a spectacular view of the sunset.

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