Grenada Yacht Charter – A Taste of Island Life

Grenada Yacht Charter – A Taste of Island Life

Welcome to your Grenada yacht charter vacation. Grenada has experienced a recent influx of luxury marina development near the capital of St. George’s, where the city – a visage of villas and shops painted in pastel yellows, pinks and whites – climbs upward from the aquamarine harbor in the style of the French Riviera. Cruising into St. George’s Harbour is an experience unto itself, with the sprawling blues of the Caribbean Sea giving way to the bustle and hum of civilized island life.

Grenada yacht charter

Experiences within nature are a hallmark of any yacht charter on Grenada. The island’s interior includes a tropical rain forest where guided hiking tours lead you to St. Margaret’s Falls.

Grenada yacht charter, The Seven Sisters Falls.
The Seven Sisters Falls, Grenada

A series of waterfalls cascade into irresistible fresh-water swimming holes. Cool off with a swim in the natural pools before returning to the wooded trails and their stunning views.

Grenada yacht charter Hyde Park Gardens

If natural foods are more your style, then a visit to the Grenada Chocolate Company is in order. Watch as the locals bring freshly grown cocoa to the open-air factory for processing. The traditional methods they use have attracted world-famous chocolatiers from Belgium to buy their primary in­gredient here. The beans fermenting in wooden stalls give off a whiff of alcohol. Like the women who have worked here for decades, you can “turn the beans” by walking barefoot through them. Organic dark chocolate bars from the boutique make great take-home souvenirs.

Grenada yacht charter

Of course, a Grenada yacht charter also offers sandy beaches, memorable snorkeling and diving and plenty of secluded bays.

Grenada yacht charter snorkeling

Your culinary experiences in Grenada restaurants are sure to be unforgettable; including freshly caught fish and island-grown tropical fruit and vegetables, enhanced by Grenadian herbs and spices.

Grenada yacht charter guide, Dining on deck at restaurant Aquarium
Dining at restaurant Aquarium

Any yacht charter itinerary can alternate experiences on shore with relaxation at anchor. For More Information on a Grenada Yacht Charter Contact the Charter Team

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