Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

Begin your Italian Riviera yacht charter itinerary to the north, in the easily accessible city of Genoa, and then cruise south to explore the charm within each of the Cinque Terre’s villages. Stop by the bread shops when fresh rolls come out of the oven just after sunrise, or sip a midday espresso at a waterfront café.

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Cinque Terre means “The Five Lands” and comprises five villages along Italy’s north-western coast. Footpaths and boats are the primary sources of transportation among the villages, whose steep mountainsides climb out of the Mediterranean Sea in an impressive display of grandeur.

Marvel at the views of colorful villages that have grown up and around sheltered harbors carved into the coast. Your Italian Riviera yacht charter vacation can also include the towns of Santa Margherita and Portofino, which offer yet more beautiful harbors to explore. Cruising into Portofino, in particular, is a yachting experience not to be missed during your Italy yacht charter. Only three or four megayachts can fit in Portofino’s harbor at any given time, making the charter guests on board feel luckier than any winner at the Monte-Carlo Casino.

Add a bit of history to your itinerary in the Cinque Terre region with a visit to the island of Elba, which lies just offshore in the Tuscan archipelago. Elba is where Napoleon was exiled for nearly a year in the early 1800s. Walk along the stone walls that once housed him and the several hundred troops who stayed with him, looking out at the sea views that have changed little in the two centuries since.

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