Luxury Yacht Charter Greenland – 6 to 10 Days

Luxury Yacht Charter Greenland – 6 to 10 Days

Rich in Nordic history and Inuit culture, Greenland features the only permanent ice cap in the Northern Hemisphere… this is a wilderness unlike any on Earth….welcome to the world of the Midnight Sun!

SAFIRA is a 2013, 129′ Newcastle that sleeps 10 guests in 5 staterooms. SAFIRA’s charter feature starts at $125,000 USD for the Greenland 6-day itinerary. View additional photos and specifications on SAFIRA click here>

Day 1: Kangerlussuaq

A former Cold War U.S. Air Force base (until 1992), Kangerlussuaq is abundant with wildlife and is Greenland’s only direct route to the ice sheet. The white polar bear adorns Greenland’s national coat of arms as the symbol for an extensive country that is also home to other distinctive animals such as the narwhal and the walrus and more than 50 bird species. Seals are abundant and small mammals include Arctic foxes, hares, lemmings and ermine. Take a few hours to enjoy a unique Musk Ox safari in a small 5-seater plane. Large herds of this majestic animal (a mix between a sheep and an ox), graze freely in the valleys.

Day 2: Kangerlussuaq

The incredible Ice Sheet is just a 16-mile mountain biking trip away….a hike for the more active. Here you can walk on the ice cap and view the breathtaking “moulins” (ice tunnels) along the edge. Or take a leisurely 4×4 vehicle tour, driving slowly along narrow mountain tracks through an arctic desert, along rivers, through old glacier valleys and over mountains to the Inland Ice Cap. What views of the incredible Arctic landscape you will have!!

Day 3: Aasiaat

Located at the mouth of Disko Bay, Aasiaat is the ideal spot for kayaking with champion kayaker Mikael Jacobsen, who is intimately familiar with the area, speaks fluent English, and organizes custom trips in his own hand-built Greenlandic kayaks. In the summer, fin whales, humpback whales and minke whales, in addition to the bowhead whale, blue whale and sperm whale, frequent these Greenlandic waters. Spot them breaching or playfully lobtailing for hours… Leave ample time to take an “evening” cruise or lounge on the yacht’s sun deck to enjoy the spectacular Midnight Sun – here the sun does not set from the end of May to the end of July.

Day 4: Qeqertarsuaq & Disko Bay

Qeqertarsuaq town on Disko Island has a long and proud whaling tradition and in keeping with that, a multitude of whales can be seen here in the summer. The Lyngmark glacier is the only place in Greenland for summer dog sledding…. the experience is best in the evening – in the midnight sun – and the couple of hours it take to hike to the top is well worth the effort!

Day 5: Ilulissat & Jakobshavn Icefjord 

The fishing village of Ilulissat perches at the edge of a 40km (25mile) ice fjord that produces 20 million tonnes of ice per day. Cruise among the bluestreaked ice bergs that bob about the bay and up to the ice fjiords for a truly amazing, unforgettable experience – perhaps see the glacier calving….spectacular! With 37 miles (60 km) of icebergs (some as large as Manhattan) the Jakobshavn Icefjord (a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004) is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Greenland. For an adventure of a lifetime, hop on a helicopter out to the ice cap and the ablation zone. No words or photos can fitfully describe this unique experience!!

Day 6:

Flight back to Kangerlussuaq from Ilulissat
* Please note that the above itinerary is a suggestion only with distances and timings being dependent on weather conditions. Any itinerary is flexible within reason and can be changed either in advance of, or during the charter itself with guidance from the Captain. The main thing is to sketch out a general plan in order to ensure the right berths are booked at the busy ports well in advance.