Custom BuiltYachts for Sale

Arctic Arrow

View yacht Arctic Arrow, available for sale

Arctic Arrow, yacht for sale
Year: 2015 / 2022
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 225' 5" (68.7m)
€19,000,000 EUR

View yacht AGA 6, available for sale

AGA 6, yacht for sale
Year: 1984 / 2016
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 152' 8" (46.52m)
€5,000,000 EUR

View yacht CAPTAIN COOK, available for sale

CAPTAIN COOK, yacht for sale
Year: 1993 / 2021
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 99' 9" (30.4m)
€1,800,000 EUR

View yacht Sirius, available for sale

Sirius, yacht for sale
Year: 2010
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 84' 8" (25.8m)
€1,200,000 EUR

View yacht PUCCINI 78 Fly, available for sale

PUCCINI 78 Fly, yacht for sale
Year: 2023
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 78' 5" (23.9m)
$1,990,000 USD
Jills Magic II

View yacht Jills Magic II, available for sale

Jills Magic II, yacht for sale
Year: 2021
Builder: Custom Built
Length: 60' (18.29m)
$849,000 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Which CUSTOM BUILT models do you currently have available for purchase?

We currently have a range of CUSTOM BUILT models available for purchase including: Explorer, Flybridge 78, Sirius 85.

The availability of CUSTOM BUILT models changes frequently. If there is a specific CUSTOM BUILT model you are looking for then don't hesitate to contact us!