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Both Kevin Ralph and Veronica Pizza each offer over 30 years of marine industry experience, with a multi-faceted combined knowledge of all aspects of yacht brokerage and new construction. Both leading sales professionals have owned their own brokerage company and are top rated marketing experts in the industry. Their combined skill sets and varied perspective greatly benefit their clients’, whom they take time to educate, making for an informed decision, be that selling, buying, used or new. 

Taking the time to travel extensively, visiting shipyards and international events, to ensure they stay on top of the latest trends, designs, as well as personally inspecting brokerage vessels, this dynamic partnership are constantly striving to  improve their service, putting the customers’ needs ahead of any decision, understanding the value of time and keeping the pleasure in yachting!

As top marketing professionals at a leading international brokerage house, let Kevin Ralph and Veronica Pizza at Worth Avenue Yachts list your yacht for sale today!

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