Chef Emeril Lagasse's Legacy of Giving: A Look at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Chef Emeril Lagasse is beloved among millions of fans around the world for his illustrious career as a celebrity chef, restaurateur, author and television personality. Additionally, he is also known for his immense generosity and philanthropic work. Emeril’s impactful legacy of giving has been carried on through the creation of The Emeril Lagasse Foundation which has continued to improve the lives of individuals and their families who have been impacted by food insecurity, economic hardship and health-related issues. This article will provide an informative look at The Emeril Lagasse Foundation and explore Chef Emeril’s remarkable legacy of giving.

Exploring Emeril Lagasse Foundation: A Legacy of Giving

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation works to create tangible and lasting change for individuals and families in need by increasing access to educational opportunities and nutrition programs, raising awareness about health-related issues and supporting passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference in their communities. Founded in 2002, the Foundation has grown from a small granting program with a mission to foster the next generation of chefs to a thriving charitable organization established to provide a path forward for New Orleans students and families facing serious challenges.

From Restaurant Kitchens to Philanthropy: Chef Emeril's Impactful Legacy

Chef Emeril Lagasse, who was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, quickly achieved household name status through his television show, Emeril Live. During the show, he demonstrated his creativity and passion as a chef, while maintaining a playful curiosity and an infectious enthusiasm that captivated viewers around the world. In addition to his on-screen success, Emeril has been successful in the restaurant business, with more than 20 different restaurants located in some of America’s top dining cities. Outside the kitchen, his commitment to giving back to his local community and beyond has grown beyond even his own expectations.

Understanding Chef Emeril Lagasse's Remarkable Legacy of Giving

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s mission is “to enable Alonzo and Eliza to be the best that they can be and to realize their dream,” a reference to Chef Emeril’s parents, Alonzo H. Lagasse and Eliza Lagasse, who were instrumental in teaching him the importance of charity and giving back. To-date, the Foundation has granted over $14 million to hundreds of nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. The Foundation also organizes events such as the Smash Burger Sliders and Punch competition, an annual culinary competition held in New Orleans, to reward deserving students and programs with grants to further their educational goals and extracurricular activities. The Foundation also provides year-round scholarships to students pursuing careers in the culinary, hospitality and service industries.

What You Need to Know About the Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Since its launch, The Emeril Lagasse Foundation has continued to expand its reach to help more individuals and their families. It has launched several initiatives and programs, such as the Emeril’s Manhattan Project and Project Smoke, to provide support and resources to those in need. Additionally, the Foundation contributes to organizations that promote the culinary arts and education, foster the growth of the hospitality industry, support healthy eating and exercise, provide crisis and disaster relief, and give back to the communities in which Emeril’s restaurants are located.

Celebrating Emeril's Generous Legacy of Giving and Support

Chef Emeril Lagasse’s legacy of generosity and support of individuals and families across the United States will continue to be remembered and celebrated. As the Founder of The Emeril Lagasse Foundation, Emeril’s powerful message of kindness and giving back has truly been an inspiration to many. With the Foundation’s dedication to providing individuals and families in need with tangible opportunities that lead to lasting change, this generous legacy of giving and support will continue to have a positive impact on countless


Chef Emeril Lagasse’s remarkable legacy of giving is an inspirational example of how individuals who have achieved success in their respective fields can help others in times of need. By starting The Emeril Lagasse Foundation, which has grown from a local New Orleans grant program to international outreach organization, Emeril Lagasse has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and their families. His legacy of giving will continue to be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.


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