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Southern Stars

View yacht Southern Stars, available for sale

Southern Stars, yacht for sale
Year: 2018
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 90' (27.43m)
$8,699,000 USD

View yacht SWEET SALT, available for sale

SWEET SALT, yacht for sale
Year: 2015
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 85' (25.91m)
$4,995,000 USD

View yacht LODESTAR, available for sale

LODESTAR, yacht for sale
Year: 2011
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 78′ 0″ (23.77m)
$2,500,000 USD

View yacht LADY GIGI, available for sale

LADY GIGI, yacht for sale
Year: 2009
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 74' (22.56m)
$1,699,000 USD

View yacht JEANNE SEA QUA *NAME RESERVED*, available for sale

Year: 2016
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 72′ 0″ (21.95m)
$2,750,000 USD
John Boat

View yacht John Boat, available for sale

John Boat, yacht for sale
Year: 2018
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 71' 6" (21.79m)
$3,950,000 USD
Liv Mas

View yacht Liv Mas, available for sale

Liv Mas, yacht for sale
Year: 2017
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 70' 6" (21.49m)
$3,300,000 USD
52 Pilothouse

View yacht 52 Pilothouse, available for sale

52 Pilothouse, yacht for sale
Year: 2007
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 52' (15.85m)
$499,500 USD

View yacht JOYRIDE, available for sale

JOYRIDE, yacht for sale
Year: 2007
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 50' (15.24m)
$449,000 USD

View yacht Nautilus, available for sale

Nautilus, yacht for sale
Year: 2006
Builder: Ocean Alexander
Length: 48' (14.63m)
$429,000 USD

Ocean Alexander is obsessed with proving that their yachts’ unmistakable splendor and engineering excellence will never fail their client. They are fanatical about performance and gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare deserves to be constantly examined and refined. Ocean Alexander yachts for sale range between 45 feet to 155 feet in length. With manufacturing in Taiwan and United States, OA’s combined yacht-building facilities make it among the largest in Asia. Ocean Alexander builds semi-custom yachts from aluminum, steel, and composite. The rich design elements combined with superior maneuverability and propulsion make Ocean Alexander a desirable brand.

With nine models in their motor yacht series and 5 models in their megayacht series, there is an Ocean Alexander fit for each prospective buyer. Starting with the 45 Divergence, the smallest yacht available which offers over 400 variations, and ending with the 155 megayacht, the largest yacht available, which is a stunning tri-level luxury masterpiece. There is no shortage of options when shopping for an Ocean Alexander. With over 30 years of boat-building history, Ocean Alexander is a proven leader among yacht manufacturers.


OA was founded in 1977 by Alex Chueh, the shipbuilder quickly established itself as one of the premier luxury yacht manufacturers. By 2005 they had built their first 100-foot megayacht and in 2015 Showboats International acclaimed Ocean Alexander as one of the top five superyacht builders in the world. Their commitment to excellence in quality and performance is evident in each of their builds. Ocean Alexander continues to evolve as they refine each of their models and remain a leader in luxury yacht manufacturing.


Today the shipyard is under the management of Johnny Chueh, the son of founder Alex Chueh. Johnny continues the legacy of superior engineering, an approach rooted in the aerospace industry. Originally manufactured in their Kaohsiung factory located in Taiwan, today production has expanded to Merritt Island, Florida where the first 70 Evolution was manufactured. OA uses Finite Element Analysis in their state-of-the-art facilities to create virtual 3D modeling. Using this technology, they can anticipate any engineering complications, ensuring the highest quality build for each customer.

Ocean Alexander’s responsibility to their customers is visible. From the beginning of the build process to being an experienced yacht owner, their goal is to make every step of the way easy. By providing around-the-clock assistance for their yacht owners and hosting annual appreciation events around the world, owners know they are taken care of so they can focus on what matters most- enjoying their time on the water.


The largest Ocean Alexander for sale is the 155’ megayacht that offers a 6-stateroom layout, and a stunning tri-deck build that defines modern luxury. The 155’ megayacht is the crown jewel in the evolution of the Ocean Alexander/Evan Marshall collaboration.

Another notable Ocean Alexander is the 37L of the legend series. This superyacht was designed by Evan Marshall as well, and there will only be 5 37L superyachts built. Ocean Alexander’s flagship yacht was introduced at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and is a 5 stateroom yacht that can accommodate 10 guests. The 37L measures in at just under 118 feet in length, until its transom door is folded open, revealing a beach club, and extending the LOA to 120 feet, 5 inches.

Another yacht that debuted at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the 35R, a 117’ masterpiece that is in the Revolution Line. This Ocean Alexander for sale offers the very best of the Evan Marshall collaboration, which defines style and luxury while offering impressive performance.

For more information on Ocean Alexander yachts for sale, to discuss an Ocean Alexander new build project, or to charter an Ocean Alexander yacht, email the team or call 561.833.4462.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which OCEAN ALEXANDER models do you currently have available for purchase?

We currently have a range of OCEAN ALEXANDER models available for purchase including: 45 Divergence, 46 Veloce, 74 Flybridge, 85E, Classico, Divergence 45 Sport, OPEN FLYBRIDGE, Pilothouse.

The availability of OCEAN ALEXANDER models changes frequently. If there is a specific OCEAN ALEXANDER model you are looking for then don't hesitate to contact us!