Yacht Designer Ivan Erdevicki

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Meet the Yacht Designer: Ivan Erdevicki

Ivan believes creating and designing yachts is a unique and specific art. ER Yacht Design combines passion, art and engineering in one package.

To fully understand this art, you have to live and breathe it, as Ivan does. ER Yacht Design prides themselves in creating very elegant, innovative, and unique exterior and interior designs. They are also naval architects with that rare combined talent of art and engineering.

Meet the Yacht Designer: Ivan Erdevicki

Ivan Erdevicki and his team at ER Yacht Design do full engineering and naval architecture as well as interior and exterior design.

Meet the Yacht Designer: Ivan Erdevicki

A Word From The Designer

“I am extremely professional, and since opening my own design office in year 2000, I have been dealing with various yacht brokerage companies. Worth Avenue Yachts is different. It is one of few brokerage companies that have that unique relationship attitude of truly personal attention and dedication to the business with a great knowledge and experience. It simply feels great and insuring to deal with capable and knowledgeable broker that is able to efficiently intermediate between client, designer, and a builder, and as such would help us to achieve our designer goals effortlessly and on the satisfaction of all parties involved in the project.”

ER Yacht Designs would love to talk to you about a custom project. To date, Ivan and his team have successfully delivered over 275 boats! All of the designs are initially created by hand, as they firmly believe the most beautiful and the most valuable things are done by hand. There is no technology that will substitute this.


“All my designs are a fusion of an imaginative interpretation of a client’s wishes and sound engineering to transform ideas into design and ultimately a newly built yacht.”

The design team is well versed in the production processes, the latest technologies and new materials and they are fully geared for production of construction-ready designs and documentation.

For more information on Ivan Erdevicki please visit www.eryachtdesign.com