December 2016 Yacht Charter Client Feedback on a SHE’S A 10 Yacht Charter:

“Thank you for all the help and the great recommendation. She’s a 10 (the boat). They’re a 10 (the staff). He’s a 10 (the captain). Honestly, both of our families have been on a yachts before and this was our favorite – hands down. Thanks for everything!”

Yacht Purchase Client:

“I wanted to thank you personally for having been the one that got this whole thing jumpstarted, for having led the way and having got me and family into this adventure. I have a bit of an aversion to brokers, mostly because I deal with them all the time in my line of work (I was a broker early in my career).  But you are one of the few that are of a different type. I know you were absolutely key in getting us the deal we got, which was what finally convinced me to go ahead.  Even though I was aware that this was going to turn out to be a great yacht, I am a sucker for deals and almost never do anything without some sort of economic advantage.   Anyways, numbers aside I am glad we got to meet and work together on this build, and even though it may sound corny, you have a place in our hearts. Consider me a friend.”

Yacht Purchase Client:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Worth Avenue Yachts. Their integrity and professionalism throughout the entire process was integral to completing these transactions.”

Yacht Charter Client:

“You took our experience to the next level. You have great attention to detail… you pre-manage expectations and your unhurried and relaxed demeanor and ability to always find solutions create a comfort and trust that we have never experienced before. Thank you of everything you did. You made our trip AMAZING.”

Yacht Charter Client:

“ I will call and follow up with you. But in short….it was fantastic! The boat was great, the crew was wonderful, and Croatia was fabulous. You did a wonderful job!”

Yacht Charter Client:

“Thanks again for all of your efforts in helping us with this cruise.  I am happy to recommend Worth Avenue Yachts to our friends.”