Naval Architect Sergio Cutolo

naval architect and marine engineer Sergio Cutolo

Hydro Tec was founded in 1995 by naval architect and marine engineer Sergio Cutolo after his vibrant career with some of the leading shipyards of the world. Born as an engineering company, in the early 2000’s Hydro Tec made a natural move into design with instant success which has been acknowledged by its peers and rewarded with multiple awards.

Hydro Tec by naval architect and marine engineer Sergio Cutolo

Creative Naval Architecture is the synthesis of our approach to work. Creativity in Hydro Tec means being proactive with designers and architects to find the best technical solutions maximizing imagination and style.


This approach gives huge benefits to all aspects of our work, whether it is to complete the entire design and engineering or when we are working as part of a team.


Hydro Tec is today one of the few companies in the world to provide an holistic design package. This diverse approach offers priceless advantages for private clients and shipyards.


We decided to approach yacht design and engineering with an holistic vision and a creative approach because throughout our experience we saw the industry continuously evolve and become more demanding both in terms of aesthetics and technical content.


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