British virgin islands

Cruising through the British Virgin Islands will ignite your senses and awaken your inner adventurer.

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British virgin islands

Watch the sun set along the coast creating vibrant, fuchsia-colored skylines and violet-colored clouds. Experience the breathtaking collection of islands featuring world renowned dive sites and sun-drenched harbors. Listen to the sound of the ocean swirl below you as you feel a breeze blow past. Inhale the sweet scent of the salty air in the crisp morning. Feel the soft sand sink through your toes while walking along the pristine white beaches. Sip on a spicy cocktail as you admire the sapphire-colored sea and lush green landscapes spotting the coastline. Invigorate all your senses while yachting in some of the best cruising grounds in the Caribbean. 

Exploring the bvis

The British Virgin Islands are a volcanic archipelago consisting of 60 pristine islands located in the Caribbean SeaThe four largest islandsAnegada, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, and Jost Van Dyke are known for their lively history and sublime scenery. Before heading ashore take time to cruise through the ethereal waterways, exploring the seemingly endless shores and picturesque backdrops.

Premier Yachting Destination

The collection of smaller surrounding islands makes the British Virgin Islands a premier yachting destination. The unique spirit of each island provides a wide array of activities for all ages. Enjoy a tranquil retreat for two, a festive party scene with your closest friends, or experience the perfect playground for the whole family. The unique landscapes vary from white-sand beaches to rugged, hilly terrain offering a palette of diversity for visitors of every shape and form. 

Local Delicacies

The largest island, Tortolais a hub for novice and experienced yachters alike. The vast list of harbors and protected anchorages around the island makes it easy to take your adventures ashore. Reach new heights by hiking Mount Sage, a 1,781ft (543m) peak that features a drought-tolerant forest. Here you can find species of flourishing ferns and vivid flowers that can only be found on the shaded trails of the mountain. Stroll through the bustling boutiques on Main Street offering handcrafted local products ranging from fragrant spices to glistening jewelry to delicate fabricsEnjoy the taste of local delicacies like fresh lobster and conch at exquisite ocean-front restaurantsBefore heading back to your yacht be sure to listen to a local fungi band. “Fungi” meaning “cook up” is the indigenous form of scratch band music and local name for folk music. 

stunning destination

The crystal-clear azure waters adorning the coasts offer exhilarating adventures. Listen to Reggae music wafting across the waves from Bomba’s Shack while you surf in Apple Bay. Snorkel through the maze of coral reefs teeming with varieties of kaleidoscopic fish. Head offshore to the world-renowned fishing locations in hopes of hooking a trophy marlin or tuna. Catch some air as you admire the gentle waters from above while kiteboarding off the shore. With so many exquisite islands and hidden spots to explore, you could get lost in the thrill and adventure of navigating this stunning destination.   

Adventure Awaits

A trip to the British Virgin Islands wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Baths. Located on the Island of Virgin Gorda, the massive granite boulders creating tidal poolscoves, and grottos will leave you speechless. Take a short hike from The Baths to the Top of The Baths restaurant, an oasis with spectacular views and superb dishes that is acclaimed by all who visit. The peaceful and shallow waters surrounding the islands provide a relaxing location for sunbathing. The abundance of private beaches will leave you with only one dilemma, which one to pick. Soak up the sun before enjoying a sunset cruise around the Gorda Sound. The breathtaking views are undeniably some of the most captivating in the world.  

safely travel

Regardless of how many times you visit the British Virgin Islands, you will be met with something new to discover each visit. Beginning December 1st, 2020, the British Virgin Islands is open to all International guests. To learn more about how you can safely travel to one of the exquisite islands visit  

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