Roche Harbor, The Ultimate Northwest Yachting Destination

Historic Roche Harbor

Nestled along the Northwest side of San Juan Island, Roche Harbor is the ultimate yachting destination. The historic Roche Harbor features astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean that can be seen from 85% of the property. Immerse yourself in a world of rich history combined with natural wonders that can only be seen by boat. Aboard your private yacht, you can witness the majestic creatures of the Pacific Ocean combined with the breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest. Roche Harbor is a pristine haven for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature.  

A Marina Like No Other

What puts Roche harbor in a league of its own is its extraordinary marina. Featuring 377 slips, Roche Harbor is a boater’s paradise. Marvel at the impressive array of yachts while enjoying the stunning ocean views. Surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and vast array of greenery, Roche harbor allows you to feel fully immersed in nature, a rare feeling in today’s fast-paced world.  

View Orca Whales Right from Your Private Yacht

While Roche harbor features spectacular ocean views, the sea life hidden beneath the surface will leave you speechless. San Juan island is internationally renowned for its marine wildlife and orca whales. Aboard your private yacht, you’ll experience the majestic Orca whales as they swim freely in the open waters of the Pacific. Yachting in Roche Harbor is a front-row seat to some of the best sights nature has to offer.  

Endless Resort Amenities

In addition to the natural wonders Roche harbor has to offer, the luxurious amenities inside are just as impressive. Roche harbor also has a full-service spa for your relaxation needs. Whether you’re staying in a luxurious modern home or a quaint, historic cottage, Roche harbor is sure to feel like home and an adventure. Other resort amenities include 3 on-site restaurants, espresso & ice cream Stand, outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, bocce courts, off-leash dog park, outdoor sculpture park, shopping, playground, picnic area, gardens, activities and so much more!  

Getting Around Roche Harbor by Yacht

What makes Roche Harbor so extraordinary is the unique element of nature and elegance all in one place. Cruising through the pristine waters of the Pacific as you witness live Orca Whales jumping out of the sea is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. As you step aboard your private yacht, you will instantly feel the natural embrace of the crisp summer breeze. The pure untouched beauty of the Pacific Northwest is best experienced while onboard your private yacht.  

The timeless charm of Roche Harbor provides a classic feel with a contemporary flair that is sure to exceed your yachting vacation expectations. With hundreds of slips filled with beautiful boats, the marina at Roche Harbor is truly a staple Northwest yachting destination. 

No matter what you want to experience from your yacht, there is a yacht that has been designed to accommodate your wishes. Our skilled Yacht Brokers are on hand to discuss any of the luxury yachts for sale listed below and can arrange a private viewing at your convenience.