Spotlight Destination: Costa Rica Yacht Charter

Costa Rica: Yacht Charter Paradise

Dive into the extraordinary adventures waiting on the coastline of Costa Rica. From land to sea the varying landscapes of rainforest-lined beaches and towering rock formations allow for exhilarating adventures or complete relaxation. The secluded bays, untouched beaches, sheltered coves, and remote islands offer the ultimate yachting paradise. Costa Rica is fully open to international yachting charters with five world-class marinas and a long list of diverse anchorages. A newly passed law means you can charter a superyacht from an international portfolio of yachts over 79’(24m). Now, more than ever, Costa Rica is a natural yachting paradise. For your Costa Rica yacht charter, choose from two itinerary options, each with their own unique offering of experiences and scenery.

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costa rica: north coast

Begin your epic Costa Rica yacht charter in Bahia Culebra. The unmatched scenery and exquisite aquamarine waters provide an excellent anchorage location. Spend your first evening in paradise relaxing onboard while your chef prepares a delicious dinner inspired by local flavors. Wake up early to enjoy paddleboarding or kayaking on the calm waters. If you are lucky enough to visit in June, you may catch a glimpse of humpback whales arriving in their new home preparing to birth their calves. Spend your day on the turquoise water, where the activities are seemingly limitless. Snorkel along the colorful reefs where you can see eagle rays, frogfish, seahorses, and octopuses. Schedule a dive around the Bat Islands where you can swim with bull sharks, white tip, or reef sharks. Don’t forget to take out the water toys for exhilaration on the water wakeboarding or jet skiing. Head to the beach where a surfing professional can teach you all the tips and tricks to mastering the surf at Ollie’s Point.

After taking advantage of the activities on the water continue your adventure to Las Catalinas. The crystal-clear waters give way to rocky peninsulas soaring over secluded beaches and calm lagoons. Let the cool ocean breeze wash over you while sunbathing on the white sandy beach before enjoying a savory picnic. End your relaxing day by discovering the ultimate freedom of horseback riding along the beach. Grab the reins and gallop along the pristine beach as the sun drifts below the horizon.

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Make the most of your Costa Rica yacht charter with an exhilarating river rafting trip through the untamed rapids. You’ll be surrounded by rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife and colorful birds. The rushing water will drift you past waterfalls, rolling hills, and volcanic mountain ranges. Finish your fabulous yacht vacation by exploring the Gulf of Papagayo during a sunset cruise around the stunning archipelagos. The dramatic colors of the sunset reflecting off the ocean will create a lasting memory.

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Costa Rica: South Coast

Get a glimpse of Costa Rican life along the Osa Peninsula. The wild, untamed natural landscapes provide an endless assortment of wildlife on the water and in the rainforest. Arrive in Golfo Dulce where the serene waters invite you to explore the tropical fjords. This is only one of four locations in the world where you can find tropical fjords. It is also the only place in the world where both northern and southern humpback whales breed. As the sun sets and the stars begin to appear, take the tender to the beach where tiny organisms emit a soft luminous glow known as bioluminescence. The magical beach lights up like the galaxy above inviting you to float in the glowing ocean and surround yourself with luminosity wherever you dive. Return to your yacht where the crew will be waiting with warm towels and a light dessert to finish the day’s sweet adventures on the water.

As you cruise towards deeper waters towards Bahia Drake, take the seabob for a spin with a megapod of wild spinner dolphins. These regular gatherings will make you feel one with the ocean as the dolphin’s leap, flip, and spin next to you. After a thrilling ride of a lifetime, relax onboard while the captain navigates to your next untouched anchorage destination. As you arrive in Bahia Drake prepare to head ashore for a hike through the Corcovado National Park. The colorful and expansive rainforest will leave you speechless as you follow the trails deep into the wild.

Finish your vacation on Caño Island where the waters are home to extensive coral reefs protected by the Caño Island Biological Reserve. The ocean is brimming with brilliant fish, making it an impeccable destination for snorkeling or diving. On land, beyond the sandy beaches and hidden in the rainforest are the remnants of Pre-Columbian civilization. Once home to the Diquis tribe, this fascinating place is begging to be explored. A world of wonder awaits you in Costa Rica!

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