2017 First Quarter Sales Report

With the recent sale of mega yacht MATCH POINT, the 160′ Christensen, along with an extensive internal list of others, we can confidently report that sales volumes are strong. Based on information from Yacht World, gains are reported in both Europe and the United States. On a percentage basis, the total price paid for the boats increased even more!

US & EU Totals:

Q1 2016                      Q1 2017
$1.04 Billion                $1.33 Billion
7,205 Boats                  7,525 Boats

US Totals:

Q1 2016                      Q1 2017
$702 Million                $904 Million
5,562 Boats                  5,709 Boats

EU Totals:

Q1 2016                      Q1 2017
$344 Million                $426 Million
1,643 Boats                  1,816 Boats



Current market data (independent research provided by Yatco.com) shows Worth Avenue Yachts selling super yachts 50%+ faster than the industry average.

For yachts ranging in the 120′ – 150′ size:
Industry Average: 528 days on the market
Worth Average: 267 days on the market
49% faster sales rate for Worth listings


For yachts ranging in the 121′ – 200′ size:
Industry Average: 361 days on the market
Worth Average: 130 days on the market
64% faster sales rate for Worth listings







While the demand for brokerage yachts is high, the new build market place is heating up as well.



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