A Great Time To Buy a European Yacht

The yachting industry has seen a wild past couple of years, with 2021 proving to be a record year. A major part of this is an increased appetite for yachting and increasing inflation which has created all-time highs not only in the yachting market but in the equities and real estate market. Now, with the rise of interest rates and a shifting economic environment, the yachting market is likely transitioning to a buyer’s market. With the macro-economic environment we currently have today, the US Dollar is on a tear, with the US Dollar Index (DXY) in a strong uptrend, over 16% in the last year. The DXY is essentially a measure of the value of the USD relative to a basket of foreign currencies. This means that the euro has lost value relative to the USD, going from $1.22 a year ago, to $1.04 at the time of writing. This is due to many factors, including the Federal Reserve moving aggressively to tame inflation, stagflation concerns all over the world, and a potential energy crisis in Europe due to the war in Ukraine. All of this means that the euro will likely reach parity with the USD, something that has only been done once in 2002.

This unique market presents an opportunity to buy luxury items at a discount, and European yachts are no exception. For example, a €10M yacht was worth $12.2M nearly a year ago and now is worth roughly $10.4M. Worth Avenue Yachts has a wide selection of luxury yachts available for purchase in euros. Below you can find featured European yachts for sale, which represent excellent opportunities for purchase in today’s market. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a yacht, contact our dedicated team of yacht brokers, they are proven experts in finding the perfect yacht for every individual taste. Send us a message here and we will get back to you straight away, or call any one of our yacht brokerage offices to learn more.

European Yachts for Sale

Profile of QUANTUM OF SOLACE 238 foot turquoise yacht for sale

Turquoise Yacht
Quantum of Solace For Sale

LOA: 238′ 4″ (72.63m)
Beam: 39′ 5″ (12m)
Max Draft: 13′ 2″ (4.00m)
Guests / Staterooms: 14 in 7
Built / Refit: 2012 / 2020

Price: €56,400,000

Profile of SERENITY J 180 foot Amels yacht for sale

Amels Yacht
Serenity J For Sale

LOA: 180′ 6″ (55m)
Beam: 30′ 11″ (9.40m)
Max Draft: 11′ 2″ (3.38m)
Guests / Staterooms: 12 in 6
Built: 2014

Price: €33,000,000

Profile of LILI 180 foot Amels yacht for sale

Amels Yacht
Lili For Sale

LOA: 180′ 6″ (55m)
Beam: 30′ 11″ (9.40m)
Max Draft: 11′ 2″ (3.38m)
Guests / Staterooms: 13 in 6
Built: 2017

Price: €43,300,000 

Profile of MERCURY 164 foot Amels yacht for sale

Amels Yacht
Mercury For Sale

LOA: 164′ 1″ (50m)
Beam: 29′ 7″ (9m)
Max Draft: 9′ 10″ (3.00m)
Guests / Staterooms: 12 in 5
Built / Refit: 2001 / 2006

Price: €13,500,000

Profile of ANNA J 162 foot Oceanco yacht for sale

Oceanco Yacht
Anna J For Sale

LOA: 162′ 0″ (49.38m)
Beam: 29′ 3″ (8.92m)
Max Draft: 7′ 6″ (2.29m)
Guests / Staterooms: 12 in 6
Built / Refit: 1994 / 2018

Price: €5,900,000

Profile of ZALIV III 161 foot Mondomarine yacht for sale

Mondomarine Yacht
Zaliv III For Sale

LOA: 161′ 11″ (49.37m)
Beam: 29′ 6″ (9.00m)
Max Draft: 7′ 6″ (2.30m)
Guests / Staterooms: 16 in 6
Built / Refit: 2011 / 2021

Price: €20,500,000

Evil ZANA II 130 Predator Sunseeker

Sunseeker Yacht
Evil Zana For Sale

LOA: 126′ 0″ (38.40m)
Beam: 26′ 3″ (8.00m)
Max Draft: 8′ 9″ (2.67m)
Guests / Staterooms: 8 in 4
Built: 2010

Price: €6,950,000

Profile of ALDONZA 104 foot Astilleros De Mallorca yacht for sale

Astilleros De Mallorca Yacht
Aldonza For Sale

LOA: 104′ 0″ (31.70m)
Beam: 24′ 8″ (7.52m)
Max Draft: 8′ 3″ (2.51m)
Guests / Staterooms: 8 in 4
Built / Refit: 1995 / 2011

Price: €2,900,000

Red Pearl 100' MCP Yacht 2010 Profile

MCP Yacht
Red Pearl For Sale

LOA: 100′ 0″ (30.48m)
Beam: 21′ 7″ (6.58m)
Max Draft: 6′ 3″ (1.91m)
Guests / Staterooms: 11 in 5
Built: 2010

Price: €2,820,000

Profile of R-Six 66 foot HH Catmarans yacht for sale

HH Catamarans Yacht
R-Six For Sale

LOA: 66′ 0″ (20.12m)
Beam: 28′ 7″ (8.71m)
Max Draft: 6′ 3″ (1.88m)
Guests / Staterooms: 6 in 3
Built: 2016

Price: €2,995,000

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