The Palumbo Group was founded in 1967 in Naples, Italy. The company started out as a small carpentry and metal work yard that assisted in the local ship repair industry. It wasn’t until the 80’s that their focus really turned to the repair and maintenance of hulls. Today the Palumbo team is major in the Mediterranean with eight shipyard locations. The Palumbo Group created a superyacht brand in 2008 and have five yacht lines since including Columbus Yachts, ISA Yachts, Mondomarine, Extra Yachts, and Palumbo SY Refit.

The Palumbo Group began their superyacht brand in 2008; since then they have purchased ISA Yachts in Ancona, Italy and Mondomarine in Savona, Italy. They formed their own megayacht division called Columbus Yachts.  The Palumbo Group also owns Extra Yachts where they specialize in developing luxury yachts 76’ to 130’.

The ISA Yachts brand was established in 2001 since then they have become a part of Palumbo Superyachts. They build their Yachts using the highest technology and superior quality materials. Each of their superyachts are designed to the owner’s preferences making their brand stand out.

Extra Yachts

The Extra Yachts brand was created to show yacht owners the intense experiences of the ocean life. They build yachts that are highly livable and have low fuel consumption. They have three models launching in 2019 that include the Extra 86 fast, Extra 93, and Extra 130.

The Mondomarine brand was founded in 1915 it was called Campanella shipyard. Before 1970 when Mondomarine started building superyachts they had just been a maintenance and repair shop for commercial ships. Palumbo Superyachts took over Mondomarine in November of 2018. They are now focused on custom yacht design and manufacturing.

The Columbus Yachts brand was established in 2008 by Palumbo Superyachts. Their latest launch was the 80m ‘Dragon.’ The Dragon is the largest vessel ever built by Columbus Yachts. The exterior and naval architecture was done by Hydro Tec and the interior was done by Francesco Guida Design.

"I recently visited the ISA and Extra boat building facilities - part of the Palumbo Group - headquartered in Naples, Italy. They started as a ship repair company, but have dramatically expanded into the yacht space in recent years, with a large refit/repair facility in Malta. Palumbo has purchased ISA Yachts (Ancona), Mondomarine (Savona), formed a megayacht division - Columbus, from which is their latest launch - the 80m “Dragon” and formed a fiberglass division- Extra, which is currently producing 76’- 93’ high volume motoryachts. They have a total of 8 yards and 5 yacht lines, with 8 vessels currently in build.  "

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