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Island hopping in thailand

Phuket Island

Phuket Island is a mountainous rain forest island in the Andaman Sea. It is home to some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mainly situated along the clear water of the western shore. Phuket is divided into two main areas. The West and South coasts have beautiful beaches and lively resort towns. The North and East parts of the island have genuine traditional touches, including rural areas and fishing villages. It has over thirty beaches, lots of leisure and sporting activities, and amazing options for dining and nightlife entertainment.

Phi Phi islands

Thailand is home to the famous Phi Phi Islands, a group of islands between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. Phi Phi is made up of six islands, with the main island containing the center for activities including restaurants, nightlife, and beach activities. Phi Phi Islands has been in movies and is the topic of conversations for travelers all over. These islands does not disappoint; its beauty lures visitors in. When approaching by boat you can see the rise from the sea to the fortress jungle, sheer cliffs tower overhead, then give way to beach-fronted jungle. Travelers who visit the Phi Phi Islands say that few places on the planet are this laid-back. 

adventure time in thailand

If you are feeling adventurous while in Thailand there are many options for adrenaline-boosting activities. Before Koh Phi Phi Islands was known for being the party island. It was the go-to place for rock climbing. Therefore, it’s considered the birthplace of the extreme sport in Thailand. This island is the perfect location to rock climb for everyone because there is a fair share of easy walls as well as more difficult ones. Another adventurous way to see Thailand is ziplining, you get a bird’s-eye view of beautiful Phuket’s lush forest as you soar down mountains. You can see Thailand’s jungle up close while your adrenaline pumps through your body. One of the best things about Thailand is the crystal-clear water so of course snorkeling is a must. Snorkeling is the perfect way to get up close to colorful and exotic marine life while you calmly float in clear blue waters.

wildlife in thailand

If you love wildlife there are so many opportunities to see unique animals indigenous to Thailand. Green Elephant Sanctuary park gives you the opportunity to experience elephants in the most natural way, in their natural environment where they are free. This sanctuary wants you to experience the daily life of the animals. You can see them while they are eating or being bathed. Another popular animal to see in Thailand is the monkey, with the best place for this being Monkey Hill. This is the best-known monkey playground on the island and where they like to hang out. Here the monkeys are completely free. They sit in the middle of the road and wait for visitors to bring them fruit. 

If you have ever wanted to pet a full-grown tiger or play with baby tigers, Tiger Kingdom is the place for you. With their motto of “experience the unimaginable.” they are committed to providing their visitors with not only an amazing experience, but also an educational one. If exotic animals don’t spark your interest there is also the Soi Dog Foundation where you can meet over 400 rescued animals. You can learn about their incredible work while you play with the puppies.

sight seeing in thailand

Although the outdoor adrenaline-boosting activities are a blast, there is more to Thailand than just adventure. Thailand is home to the Great Buddha of Thailand, a statue dedicated to Gautama Buddha that stands 302’ tall. This shiny golden Buddha was completed in 2008. Another must see sight in Thailand is the Wat Chalong, considered the most important of the 29 Buddhist temples of Phuket. It is the largest of the Phuket temples and the most visited.

Relaxing in thailand

If you feel like relaxing, you can golf at the famous Phuket Red Mountain Golf Course. This course has been developed to take advantage of a variety of land forms and elevation changes. This course creates a challenging and fun playing environment while enjoying breathtaking scenery. Another fun relaxing activity to do in Thailand is private kayaking tours. The tour guides take you to explore sea caves and kayak around the famous James Bond Island featured in “The Man with the Golden Gun.” If you don’t enjoy kayaking you can explore Thailand’s hidden oases on a bike tour.

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