Ferretti was founded in 1968 by the Ferretti brothers. They started by becoming agents for the firm Chris Craft and began marketing their motor boats. It wasn’t until 1982 that Ferretti launched its first motor yacht. The Ferretti Group is now owned by two owners the first is the Weichai Group who owns 86.88%. The Weichai Group is a Euro27.25 Billon industrial Conglomerate Manufacturing Group based out of china. They purchased the majority of the company in 2012. The other 13.12% is owned by F Investments S.A. part of the Ferrari Group. Their six brands focus on production, semi-custom and fully custom yacht production. The six brands include Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Custom Line, CRN, and Wally Yachts.

The group operates its own interior fit-out company called Zago. It is located on the outskirts of Venice, which enables them to have better control over timing and quality – although the Group is willing to outsource the interior build-out to 3rdparty companies for their custom projects, at clients’ request. With a recent visit to the Ancona Headquarters of CRN, we will focus on this facility, although the Group currently has a total of 6 manufacturing facilities. The yard which builds the largest vessels is situated in Ancona on the Adriatic Coast, in the Marche District of Italy.

RIVA Yachts

Riva Yachts deals with production and semi-production in both fiberglass and aluminum builds from 28’ up to 164’ currently. It was traditionally built on Lake Iseo, where the company was founded in 1842 and where the company still builds it’s iconic mahogany runabouts and yachts up to 60’. However, the Ancona facility builds the large semi-custom Riva’s in metal, with the latest being the 50m motor yacht “Race”, built for Piero Ferrari and due to be delivered summer 2019. The company is starting on hull #2, which can be purchased via Worth Avenue Yachts and features a host of upgraded features and equipment as standard. There are plans to take Riva up to 70m, with several designs in development.

Pershing yachts

Pershing is well-known for their line of production and semi-production fiberglass, fast, sport yachts, the company has now moved into the semi-custom aluminum space with the recent delivery of their 43m (140’) sport motor yacht, which can achieve speeds of up to 37kts.


CRN was founded in 1963 and has delivered over 180 vessels in this time frame a very impressive number by any standards, especially when taking into account that this is a builder of custom yachts. With the addition of a new 3,500-ton synchro-lift, currently being built at the yard, the shipyard is capably of building from 50-100m. Although their largest to date was the 2013 launch of the 80m Chopi Chopi. The yard currently has 5 vessels in build at various stages, including an all alloy 25kt 50m yacht, a soon to be delivered 79m 2,250GT superyacht, with a 12.5m (41’) beam. A 6.2M M.Y.  is available for sale due to a change in owners plans. It is scheduled for delivery in summer 2021, she can still be customized to a new owner’s style.

The custom line yachts

The Custom Line Yachts brand was founded in 1996 as a separate brand of CRN. They have delivered over 200 units to date. Custom Line had been built previously in La Spezia, but they are now exclusively being built in Ancona. The yard currently has 15 yachts in build, with another 6 in the final delivery stages. They are aided by the addition of 2 more construction sheds dedicated to custom line. This gives the company the capacity to deliver well over the 20 units they currently deliver per year. The Custom Line is split into 2 different model lines, both exhibiting a large volume for their length. 

All Custom Line vessels are gel coated and the finish is spectacular. Navetta Line models currently include the new 30m Navetta, the first of which is being delivered later in 2019. Other Navetta’s in the line-up are the 33m, 37m and the 42m. While based on a common fiberglass pre-engineered package, the layout and décor can be customized to suit each individual client’s wishes. The Custom Line recently announced a new line of yachts. Which included the 106’ and the 120’, they are currently for sale and available to be deliveredin 2020. The company is also working on two additional models that haven’t been announced yet.


At Worth Avenue Yachts we strive to know and understand the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each of the major (and not so major) boat builders around the world. This helps to forge working relationships with yards and sub-contractors, understand models, building practices, methodology and the nuances that all companies and products have, so that we may better advise our clients on which yards/products may be better suited. 

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This is why I travel to multiple yards every year – taking notes, photographs and speaking with CEO’s, brand managers and people on the shop floor, to better understand their yachts.


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No matter what you want to experience from your yacht, there is a yacht that has been designed to accommodate your wishes. Our skilled Yacht Brokers are on hand to discuss any of the luxury yachts for sale listed below and can arrange a private viewing at your convenience.