With an abundance of amazing attractions this island paradise caters to travelers of all types from history enthusiasts and nature lovers to adventure seekers and cosmopolitan elite. Experiencing the Greek Islands by private yacht is incomparable to any other vacation. Let your adventure begin on the water as you glide through the sapphire-colored ocean, exploring enclaves and blissful beaches. Find yourself mesmerized by the flourishing emerald mountains beyond the picturesque Cycladic architecture. Savor epicurean delights prepared by your private chef without ever leaving your private yacht.

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day one | ATHENS

Arrive in Athens, the birthplace of democracy, science, arts, and philosophy. Start your holiday in Kolonaki, an ideal shopping area lined with boutiques and designer shops. Take time to see the iconic Parthenon and Acropolis before boarding your private yacht for an evening of rest and relaxation. Enjoy a crisp cocktail or celebrate your arrival with a glass of champagne as you settle into your new home on the water. Let your doting crew pamper you with an exquisite meal as you watch the sunset on the azure ocean.

Day 2 | KEA

From Athens you’ll cruise to Kea island. Kea’s unique landscape and contrasting architecture gives it a distinct look from the other islands you will explore. Answer the call of the ocean as you dive into the cool and refreshing waters beginning your fun-filled day of water sports. Let a seabob propel you through the turquoise waters or slide from the top deck on an inflatable waterslide. Head to Pisses beach for an extravagant afternoon picnic prepared by the crew. End your day with a trip to shore for a specialty cocktail prepared at a local bar.

day three | Syros

Your next island paradise is calling your name. Syros dates to the 1820’s and is home to Ermoupoli, the capital city. This peaceful island is perfect for a romantic evening. Weave through the narrow-whitewashed alleys on your way to a decadent candlelit dinner for two. End the evening by watching a show in the Apollo Theatre. Appreciate the calm and quiet harbor on your way back to the yacht. The grand churches, colorful mansions and awe-inspiring architecture will catch your eye and remain in your memory for years to come.

day four | Delos & Mykonos

Delos, one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, is a perfect stop for those looking to be amazed by magnificent statues and gorgeous mosaics dating back to 600 BCE. This legendary location in Greek mythology is sure to impress all who visit. Next travel to Mykonos, the most popular destination along your journey. The brightly colored coastal town is known for its seemingly never-ending nightlife. With designer boutiques, trendy art galleries, and chic bars you’ll want to spend the day on the island. Head to the bustling beaches for a cocktail or dance the night away at a nearby nightclub.

day five | Paros

Wake up to a heavenly breakfast onboard your private yacht before heading to Naoussa, a small fishing harbor scattered with sea-front tavernas. Let the cool summer breeze blow through your hair as you explore the bustling cosmopolitan village of Paros. Get your adrenaline going as you devote the afternoon windsurfing or kite surfing along the golden sandy beaches. Retreat to the village of Piso Livadi for a tranquil evening onboard. Admire the various white buildings adorned with indigo doors and shutters matching the water below.

Day Six | Milos

The enchanting island of Milos offers iconic beaches, rich history, and majestic scenery. The Venus de Milo statue was discovered on the island of Milos in 1820. Travel to it’s original location taking time to explore the winding catacombs leading to the ancient Theatere of Milos. Spend the evening taking a short excursion to Polyaigos, an uninhabited island often described as a hidden gem. Watching the tranquil cerulean waters wash up against the pristine white cliffs and blonde-colored beach will be well worth the journey.

DAY EIght | Sifnos

Experience local flavor in Sifnos, a charming island known for its robust culinary scene. Spend the day soaking up the sun on a secluded beach letting the soft sand sink beneath your toes. Swim in the aquamarine waters or snorkel along the shore. Let the delightful scent of almond and oranges waft by you as you walk along the cobblestone roads. Hike to the emblematic Church of Seven Martyrs. Built on a peninsula the striking blue dome will dazzle all who visit. Taste an ethereal meal at one of the may acclaimed restaurants on the island.


As you conclude your epic itinerary, returning to Athens. Take in the breathtaking natural landscapes, vivid island colors, and endless blue sky above. With more than 2000 islands in Greece there will always be a destination to discover. The history and timeless charm of the islands make the Greece one of the greatest cruising grounds in the world. Experience Greece like never before during your luxury yacht charter.

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