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Worth Avenue Yachts is here to help answer your questions and get you top dollar for your investment.


If you have been thinking about selling, there is no better time than now! With a surge of inquiries and ready buyers but a lack of global inventory, the market for sellers is now. Get top dollar for your yacht by listing it with our professionals at Worth Avenue Yachts. 


Worth Avenue Yachts exercises a team-based approach as a more effective and enjoyable solution for the buyers, sellers, owners and charter clients of luxury yachts. The benefits are undeniable; working as a team provides a free flow of information that is critical to achieving success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Rather than the traditional business model of a single yacht broker managing a client’s needs, our business employs a group of professionals who combine their knowledge, experience and relationships that have been formed over decades in the boating industry.

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If you’ve contemplated whether or not to sell your yacht, now it the perfect time. The demand for private yachts has never been greater. Buyers are ready and waiting to purchase their own private yacht. Allow our seasoned team of brokers to assist you in selling your yacht for a price that is sure to satisfy. At Worth Avenue Yachts, 43 team members are here to ensure that your selling experience goes smoothly. Dozens of yachts have already been sold over the past few weeks. With our versatile selection of brokerage listings, Worth Avenue Yachts is known for its versatile lineup of luxury yachts. Let your boat become one of the many Worth Avenue Yachts sold for top dollar.


According to an article published by fortune.com, the yachting industry is prospering. Adventure seekers are craving a change of scenery. With many people taking to the water for a sense of  fun, adventure, and most of all, normalcy. This increased demand has left many owners jumping at the opportunity to sell their yacht for a great price. People are seeking rivers, lakes, and oceans for fun rather than theme parks and indoor attractions. According to a market research report, the increase in recreational tourism, the market is continually increasing. 

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The spike in yacht sales is largely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. People are looking for a safe place to have fun and soak up the summer sun. Globally, inventory is lacking. With vacations postponed and international travel restrictions in place, the demand for a private yacht has never been greater. If you’ve been thinking about selling, the time is now. 


 The yachting business has seen its greatest increase in over a decade. There has truly never been a better time to list your yacht for sale with Worth. Allow our diverse team of brokers to find the perfect buyer for your yacht. Worth Avenue Yachts has seen a spike in web traffic and a 50% increase in inquiries for 2020 versus the previous year. Meaning that now is the best possible time to list your yacht with Worth. Contact one of our experienced brokers for more information on listing your yacht with Worth Avenue Yachts.