The Most Extreme Superyacht Concept Designs


The concept represents a 140 meters super yacht which is called DARE TO DREAM which carries a 100m airship (zeppelin) called the FLYING DIAMOND. It is designed for an owner who would equally love sailing and flying; and who would like to enjoy exploring the inlands enjoying the calmness and the luxury and space that an airship would offer. This striking yacht design is aimed toward those with a strong passion for both air and sea, and could potentially revolutionize the way we travel and explore the sea.
The yacht itself will offer accommodations up to 12 guests and facilities as any super yacht, including a swimming pool, helicopter pad and two main tenders. The airship will also be able to accommodate a couple of guests and crew for the air voyages. The airship is designed in such a way to be independent for a number of days, before returning to the main vessel.
The idea behind the concept is to bring back the elegancy and glamour the airships were offering in the beginning of the century when crossing the Atlantic, offering a type of flight experience that is today long lost.


This 100m super sailing yacht design is designed with shapes inspired from the art of origami and Asian traditional sailing vessels, combined with modern shapes and lines. It is designed for an owner who would like to take the challenge to build something the world has never been seen before in terms of technology and environmental friendliness.
The special features of the vessel are the hull which opens into a spacious beach club and helicopter tough and go platform in calm seas, the beam wide swimming pool and the mast which rises from the middle of it, the crowd’s nest place on the top of the mast to offer incredible view for the guests, and the generous deck spaces. 
PROJECT ORIGAMI also features various convertible elements, such as one portside section of the hull folding out to create a touch-and-go helipad. When this is done, the interior area stays protected by a glass wall, which allows for beautiful sea views when the yacht is at anchor or in calm seas.

The yacht would accommodate to up to 12 guests having all the features and facilities of a super yacht.


With the idea of creating an iconic worldwide recognizable yacht inspired by the future, the stunning M/Y ROSWELL was born. The full aluminum 65m super yacht, is designed to have full electric running capabilities, supported by two diesel electric engines and large electric panels that cover the numerous horizontal surfaces of the superstructure of the vessel.
Its shape borrows elements from the military stealth vessels, aircrafts and spacecrafts, and, together with the full electric capabilities, reflective hull surface, patterns, and sharp angles, make the yacht have a very discrete radar footprint, if any. Unlike its radar footprint, its presence in any harbor will for sure be anything else but discrete.
On the bow side of the main deck you can find a large outdoor covered living area, including a beam length swimming pool, a lounge and a dining area. This shall be the main living area of the yacht, being connected to the main salon and the stern deck with large glass doors and walls, giving the sensation of a huge open loft like space. The bridge deck is located on the upper deck, together with a helicopter platform, and a sky lounge.
The yacht can welcome onboard 12 guests and 12 crew members. More of the secrets of the origins and materials of this like-never-seen-before yacht lay in the very name, ROSWELL.


The above yacht concepts and designs are the work of Monaco based designer and artist George Lucian.
Originally raised in Romania, now 30-year old George has been drawing since he can remember. He graduated from Webster University in Vienna, Austria with a double major in International Business and International Relations.
His passion for art and design is proven as he is exhibiting regularly across the South of France. 
He started his career in the ship management department of Danube Cruise Ships Company, then went on to work as a yacht and super yacht insurance broker in Monaco, for ONLY YACHT, one of the world’s leading super yacht insurance brokerage companies.
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