Super yacht sub 3:
The unparalleled experience

3 Occupants | 300 Meters

The ultimate Superyacht experience


A submersible is more than just machine that goes underwater. A submersible is a portal into the unknown, unexplored, and unchartered. Explore the vast depths of the world’s oceans as you discover what makes up more that 70 percent of the planet’s surface. The Super Yacht Sub 3 offers an extremely rare opportunity to see the world beneath the waves. Superyacht owners along with charter guests will experience not only the luxuries of a superyacht experience, but the enriching beauty of the underwater world.

At the forefront of innovative submersible technology


The Super Yacht Sub 3 offers best-in-class performance and engineering, remaining at the forefront of innovative submersible technology. The Super Yacht Sub 3 can be accompanied by a dedicated support vessel if desired. For those who want to charter the Super Yacht Sub 3, charters can be arranged from one week to even months at a time, with the option to have it available anywhere in the globe. Whether you desire the warm Caribbean waters or the brisk Arctic seas, U-Boat Worx will accommodate your every need.

The specifications

DEPTH: 300 Meters | WEIGHT: 3,800 kg | OCCUPANCY: 1 pilot | ENDURANCE: 2 passengers/ up to 12 hours

General Specifications
  • Occupants: 1 pilot and 2 passengers
  • Maximum operating depth: 300 meters / 1,000 feet
  • Operational autonomy: up to 12 hours
  • Type: dry, 1 atmosphere
  • Classification: DNV GL
Dimensions & weight
  • Submersible length: 320 cm
  • Submersible width: 244 cm
  • Submersible height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 3,800 kg
  • Manipulator arm 5-function: hydraulic manipulator
  • Imaging sonar range: 100 m
  • MANTA controller for assisted passenger piloting
  • Tracking & navigation: USBL system
Submersible per week

Submersible Charter Fee Structure *all prices are EX VAT*

  • 1 week € 70,000
  • 2 weeks € 65,000
  • 3 weeks € 60,000
  • 4 weeks € 55,000
  • >4 weeks In consultation
Crew per week
  • 1 Pilot + 1 Surface Officer € 12,000\


All charter fees are including Hull & Machinery insurance. Submersible to be added to client vessel’s P&I insurance.

Submersible per week
  • Operation Preparation Fee € 25,000 Support vessel review, integration assistance, itinerary review, permit applications, crew meetings, etc.
  • Mobilization Time Fee € 10,000/week
  • Mobilization Cost At cost + 15% Transportation by sea, road, airplane
  • Consumables At cost +15%
  • M/V Alk € 35,000/week Mediterranean Sea
  • Other Contact your broker Worldwide

u-boat-worx: beneath the surface

The U-Boat Worx engineers go above and beyond to ensure the best and safest diving experience. Since inception in 2005, U-Boat Worx has blossomed into the largest private submersible builder in the world. Our impressive fleet consists of 20 different models, all shattering industry the standards for private submersibles.

According to U-Boat Worx, “Each submersible is engineered and built to the highest standards. Leading Classification Society DNV GL individually classes each submersible by extensively testing each component. It is our innovation and in-house engineering that have led to many “world-firsts” and achievements that illustrate how our owners explore with the best submersibles. We are the only submersible manufacturer who builds in series. The benefits of this approach are straightforward. Our customers enjoy the best quality, highest reliability and design at industry-defining prices. The engineers and technicians in our Netherlands-based factory take individual care of each submersible assuring the highest level of precision and craftsmanship, to provide customized solutions for a particular mission or a bespoke design. It is the quality of our submersibles and the dedication of the team that makes a U-Boat Worx submersible the best choice for everyone involved, from the owner and his guests, to the crew and operator.”

Ensuring top-tier quality and performance, U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 is simply the best submersible option for Superyacht Owners and Charter Guests. Immerse yourself into a world of the pristine underwater word. Unchartered territory could be yours to explore. For more information on how to purchase or charter a submersible, visit our website at or visit U-Boat Worx at

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