Yacht for Charter

50ft / 15.5M | Builder: CNB | Year: 2015
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Yacht Charter SERENITY By CNB

Length 50ft (15.5m)
Beam 28ft 3in (8.6m)
Draft 4ft 11in (1.5m)
Year Built 2015
Builder CNB
Designer Marc Van Peteghem
Staterooms 5
Sleeps 10
Refit 2019
Cruising Speed 9kts (17kph)
Stabilisers None
Flag Greece
Engines 2x 75hp Yanmar Engines, Generators: 2x19kw Onan, GENERATORS CONS.7ltr/each
Locations East Mediterranean
From: $13,774 plus expenses

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    Captain: Spiros Koloniadis (40)Captain: Spiros Koloniadis

    Spiros was born in Athens in 1982 and grew up next to Alimos Marina.

    At the age of six, his love of the sea led him to join the Kalamaki Yacht Club and started sailing with small dinghies Optimist type.

    After many years of training and eventually racing, he became an athlete of the Greek National Sailing Team on Laser boats.

    After completing his athletic course, he decided to proceed professionally with his passion, the sea. Thus, since 2000 he works as a coach.

    Simultaneously, he started working as a skipper in sailing yachts and sometimes in speed boats.

    He started sharing his passion for the sea with his crew, which different from a boat to boat.

    He promised to share secrets of sailing with them and make them spend a wonderful vacation while going to beautiful places of splendid Greece.

    He has a strong sense of humour, and is guaranteed that the holiday with him will be an unforgettable experience.

    Cook: Xenia Altea Bregiannis De CesareCook: Xenia Altea Bregiannis De Cesare

    Xenia is an ambitious young woman with the will to satisfy every demand requested from their guests. She has an excellent ability to create unique meals and offering to the guest the chance to taste fresh home cooked food for she has been given the opportunity to learn the art of the kitchen from her family.

    Xenia has been a cook/hostess in various catamaran and sailing yachts but she has also worked in various restaurants in Greece and abroad as a sous Chef like the famous Oyster bar in Manhattan, New York. Xenia is experienced in many other professions since she always had the thirst to learn more. Her love for sailing and experience over the years has given her the ability to help the skipper navigate and do whatever she’s got to do to reassure the safety and well-being of their trip. Her native languages are Greek and French but she is English and Spanish bilingual.

    At her free time Xenia designs homemade jewelry and likes horseback riding, tennis, dancing, gymnastics, jogging,swimming and sailing

    Stewardess: Marietta Psalti (31)Stewardess: Marietta Psalti

    Marietta was born in Athens 1991 and grew up in Alimos. since she was young, the sea was her passion and for a few years swimming was her hobby. She studied aesthetics and worked as an esthetician for many years. then she worked in the tourism sector in various islands such as Santorini and lefkada as a receptionist. she likes traveling. her love for the sea made her decide to get involved with sailing and took the decision to get into a boat industry.

    Guest Comments 2016


    Thank you Spiros & Xenia for your amazing hospitality!You have pampered us beyond belief! We loved getting know you both and I hopeyou have an amazing summer! Please keep in touch!

    What an amazing time we had on this trip!!! Thank you toSpiros & Xenia for the hospitality and fun. The food was extraordinary(breakfast, lunch & dinners)! I will remember this trip for a lifetime asI’ve never been so taken care of. We appreciate everything that you both did tomake our trip unforgettable. I hope to see you on our next tour of Greece.

    Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you for making our 1st experience of Greecean amazing and unforgettable trip! You have pampered us to no end withdelicious meals : lasagna, musaka, fava, Greek salads, crepes….so yummy! Wehave truly relaxes to the max and felt so well taken care of. You are anexcellent team!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you for keeping us safe, showing us an amazingexperience, and keeping us very well fed! It was a trip of a lifetime that willnever forget.


    Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you for spoiling us for a week. We felt so relaxedthaken care of what a wonderful experience for our family. This was our firsttrip to Greece but certainly will not be our last!

    So blessed!

    Spiros and Xenia,

    We are blessed for the gift of this trip from our parents.We are also forever grateful for the gift you have given our parents to betruly on holiday! You guys such good care of us, of took us to the mostbeautiful places with experiences that we will remember for a lifetime. Throughoutthe trip we felt so safe and relaxed because we knew we were in great hands!You are the best!

    P.S. Xenia I can’t thank you enough for going out of yourway to cook me specials plates clue to me dietary restrictions! They wereincredible & you will be so missed.


    Well once again we find ourselves at the end of a week inthe Greek islands and once again, we are all relaxed,  content and already looking forward to ourreturn. Spiros and Xenia, as our hosts this week you have been little short ofperfect. You welcomed us early and soothed our long sleepless journey away andfrom this great start you continued to excel with perfect route planning,wonderful and varied cuisine and a wingless to help with anything anytime. Weare all veterans of Greek cuisine and whilst our experience and experiences isnot match for your combined knowledge we think we know something about whatgreat looks like. For sure we have found it with the two of you and we aspiredourselves what made the difference and it is simple you treat the boat as if itwere your own not as operators, but as genuine owners welcoming us into yourhome. This shows in so many ways not just in the beautiful condition of theboat at all times, but in the attention to the details that make all thedifference. The boat itself is a beauty and after two years away fromcatamarans on motor yachts, we know we have found a boat we would love to comeback to. Boats are fickle playmates but with Serenity and senses you havespotted the faults before they arise, and let’s be honest, with Spiros on boardwho needs a mechanic or a nautical engineer. As well as giving us a fabulousweek, you are great ambassadors for your owner and the charter companiesrepresented reputations wire this endure and what it is easy to say we will seeyou next year. We sense there will be strong competition from repeat clientswho will have seen what we have and though they may not know it, we haveexperienced the best too and will want more!

    Kalous anemous kai meta apo ti thalassa!!!


    I am so sad to be ending our trip on Serenity. It was thefirst time I have been to Greece but it was the best way to see many islands.Spiros and Xenia are very nice and made my birthday REALLY special! Thank youfor a GREAT week and an amazing birthday!

    Hi Captain Spiros and Xenia! I loved being on the boat! It’sso fun and cool! Xenia is so so good at cooking! I hope I can come back on toSerenity sometime soon!

    PS. The boat was so nice and clean!

    PPS. This was the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

    Captain Spiros and Xenia,

    Thank you so so much for going above and beyond to ensure wehave the most relaxing enjoyable vacation! We are all so grateful for all thatyou did for us and Xenia thank you making my coffee ready first thing in themorning!

    To Captain Spiros, Xenia + the entire istion team! Thank youfor another magical week sailing the spectacular azure water of the Aegean thistime in the Northern Sporades. The Serenity is a magnificent boat, surpassedonly by the hospitality of its crew. We were treated like royalty and willnever forget our week with you! Efharisto poli!

    PS. Thank you both for making my birthday celebration sospecial! I am already looking forward to another trip.

    Thank you for the most enjoyable vacation! Your hospitalitywas off the charts spectacular! Your warmth & kindness (and deliciousmeals) were appreciated!

    Capt Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you for making this trip of a lifetime! It was theperfect way to see you both again on the Serenity!

    Captain Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you so much for an amazing week aboard Serenity! Yourwarmth, kindness, hospitality & cooking were not only appreciated….theywere off the charts! We had an enjoyable and relaxing time seeing the islandsand had a special adventure visiting the Sporades. Thank you for everything! Wehope to see you both again in the future!


    To Captain Spiros and Xenia! An amazing team on boardSerenity. We had some crazy winds this past week, but with your expertise andadvice we never doubted your choices. Xenia kept us well fed and happy. Besttime ever!

    So happy we choose Greece for a trip of a lifetime! Cruisingwith Spiros and Xenia was wonderful! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate my 60thbirthday. Best on your beautiful sailing catamaran Serenity. All the islandsare magnificent along with the beautiful waters. Despite of the ‘’winds’’ wehad a trip of a lifetime. Xenia…you never disappointed!!! To the both of you,you fabulous team, carrying us with safety and felt comfortable. Appreciated. Ihope to return to your beautiful country someday. I will contact with you 1st!Thank you!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    Thank you for everything it was such a special treat to joinyou and the rest of the group! We had such an amazing time and can’t thank youenough!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    A trip of a lifetime! We loved every minute ever! The windwas not problematic with you taking care of everything! Look forward inreturning with Serenity sometime in the future!


    Dear Spiros and Xenia,

    Thanks for the hospitality! The food was great and theisland too…thank you for making us happy…We hope to see you again maybe inCroatia….


    Dear Spiros and Xenia,

    WOW! Thank you both for going us such a wonderful week. Wehave loved every minute and really don’t want to leave your ‘’care’’.

    Spiros you are the Captain of Captains! Thank you for takingus to all the wonderful places and organizing us so well, you are so calm andso capable we felt very safe in your hands. And Xenia our very own ‘’BondGirl’’ ‘X’!! Loved seeing you tie up Serenity so beautifully and all our mealswere delicious! How do you in that tiny kitchen?!


    Dearest Spiros & Xenia,

    How can so many adventures be translated in a few words. Ithas been a magical week. One that will be remembered for the rest of our lives.Everything was top quality. Stating from you both….best service, alwaysattentive, friendly, kind…

    The beautiful bays, sailing from one paradise to the next.The endless sports, the amazing food, the sparkling clear rooms and boat… Thankyou for making the dream come true. All our love!


    Thank you for the amazing trip! We had a great time and thefood was amazing! I hope you have a great summer.

    This was simply amazing. You are great hosts on a great boatand we enjoyed every minute. You are true professionals and we had a wonderfultime enjoying your hospitality. Thanks for every minute!

    Thanks much for an amazing vacation, both of you are justgreat, warm, welcoming and real professionals. That’s was a really adventure!


    Dear Spiros & Xenia!

    Thank you so much for looking after us so well one moreyear!!! It’s been lovely and the food delicious! The captain the best in theGreek islands!!!

    Can’t wait for next year! Lots of love from this Spanishfamily!


    Dear Captain Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia,

    Thank you so much for the smooth sailing trips, the calminginformation about the sea and its habits, the fantastic fresh meals, thedelicious deserts, the beautiful chosen table decoration, the fresh bottle ofwater next to our beds with every night another color of napkin, the respectfor my need-wishes in the tube (SOMETIMES), THE NICE Greek music, thetraditional meals, the smiles, the jokes, the drinks mix when we didn’t know wewere thirsty, THE DESERTS to show us the most beautiful bays and beaches!Shortly it was the most fantastic and magical trip I ever made and I willcertainly remember it forever!

    Hope to see you soon on the amazing SERENITY! Lots of love!

    Dear Captain Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia,

    Thank you for the most amazing trip around the beautifulGreek islands. Following the invitation in choosing the destination and thecatamaran will never forget! There is only one word for you awesomehospitality, caring for our family, the incredible Greek food, home made on theboard, the exciting trip and confidence ‘’Serenity”!

    Dear Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia,

    Thank you for the amazing trip! I enjoyed every minute ofour time at the Serenity. Everything was great, the hospitality, the food, theweather…I loved Xenia’s food, probably the best food I have ever ate, I loveSpiros for his skills and kindness. He always wanted to make us everyone feel safeand had an amazing time. He knows what he is doing and I am glad he knew how tomake everything. I loved now, as always worked to held and was looking forunique places. Always smiling and always friendly. I’d love to stay longer. Ihope to see you all very soon! Thank you once again!


    Dear Spiros,

    First of all thank you for the amazing experience. We haveenjoyed every minute and Wally slept like a baby. Second, thank you for keepingus safe day and night. Even though I sucked at water ski and tubing I did havea marvelous time!  

    You were an awesome Captain!

    Lovely Xenia,

    It was a privilege to have met  the best cook in the world! We could notdecide which dish was the best…We thank you for your good care and the way thattake care with. Thank you for everything it was an unforgettable experience!

    You are an amazing cook!

    Lovely Anastasia,

    It was amazing how you kept the boat tightly and the tableswere always beautiful decorated. We always had sweet dreams become our beds newto beautifully made! Thank you for your hospitality and making this tripunforgettable! You are awesome hostess!           

    Dear Spiros, Xenia & Anastasia,

    Thanks for everything!

    The wonderful food (without meat)

    The amazing experience

    The good cake

    The gin-tonic

    The tube races

    The ‘’would you like to drink something?’’

    The bigger than ever deserts

    The shark information

    The jokes

    The sea and land sickness pills


    With kind regards and lots of love and hugs and kisses!

    Lovely Spiros, Xenia & Anastasia,

    We would like to thank you for the beautiful week. Thank youSpiros to keep Carla calm in every situation.

    We really loved Xenia’s food especially the deserts.

    And we may not forget the cute smile of Anastasia. You werea wonderful crew and thank you for all the lovely and beautiful moments.

    PS. Thank you Spiros for being so patient during thewaterski!



    Athens, end of September 2016. Memories are made ofthis….Dear Xenia, dear Spiros, our trip with you was just wonderful! We arelooking forward to see you in 2017 and are sure you will be able to keep thatunbelievable high level of service!

    Thanks for all!


    01-08 October 2016 Janet’s Birthday Spiros & Xenia We’vehad a fantastic trip!

    Thank you so much for hosting my special birthday and forintroducing me to such wonderful Greek islands, culture and especially Hydra!You are an amazing team! Have a wonderful brake after all your hard work.

    All the best!

    An unbelievable beautiful experience, gently trip, theseexquisite islands. Xenia and Spiros have sateen us safety and generously on aperfect tour, with lovely food and sailing to make this an amazing holiday!Thank you so very much!

    Where had a wonderful trip! Thank you for looking after usso well!

    It has been incredible, thank you so much! Truly the holidayof a lifetime!

    An amazing week, explore wonderful Greek islands andculture! Thank you so much! We had a fantastic holiday!


    Dear Spiros and Xenia,

    Thank you so much for making my first trip to Greece sobeautiful. I have never before felt so taken care of. You are very specialpeople and we will remember you always!

    Dear Spiros and Xenia,

    Thank you for working this week for us in Serenity. It hasbeen a wonderful to be on board, move with the waves and completely secure forme! I will be back! Thank you for the gift of your spirit the two of you!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    The hospitality and care you gave us on this beautiful boatmade an amazing journey even more so! From the expert sailing to the food andthe smiles you were such an important part of the trip! I will remember always,I hope to see you again along my journey of life!

    Dea Spiros & Xenia,

    Just feel grateful for sharing another trip on Serenity withyou! It was amazing!

    Dear Spiros and Xenia,

    Thank you for this amazing week. Your commitment to eachevery one of us was truly wonderful. Watching Spiros navigate this beautifulboat in tight guarders with Xenia’s help was so enjoyable and interesting. Youboth are so talented and skilled in your work. I had no idea we would be sospoiled and catered to this weekend I thank you for your friendliness, yourtalent & your commitment to making this trip of a lifetime. Greece isabsolutely amazing & both of you were gorgeous surroundings-thank you foreverything you did for us! Big hugs!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    Thanks so much for taking such good care of us. This hasbeen an amazing experience for me. I will hold on to these memories for a longtime. Look forward to my next journey. Again thanks!

    Spiros & Xenia,

    When of think Greece now will think of you both. Thank youfor a wonderful week exciting, magical and memory making. You were both thebest hosts. I loved our meals and felt safe in my first week on the sea!

     October 2015
    A fantastic way to discover Greece, its wonders and flavors from the Regatta of the Catamarans Cup to Poros, the scooter ride in Spetses, dinner at Moustaki’s friend place, temple of Aphaia in Aegina, and the fantastic food, you both made our week an experience of a lifetime. Congratulations on meeting all our expectations with extra of the water ski session. Thanks for the memories, loved every moment! –Laurent, Pascal, Sadrine, Fridiric, Sabine, Bertrand, Nadege, Muriel, Shristophe, David 
     October 2015
    Where do I begin to write the praises of a trip of a lifetime? My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the Serenity!! It has been a magical week sailing through beautiful islands in the Cyclades of Greece… Milos, Kimolos, Poliaigos, Serifos and Kythnos… Turquoise waters, rugged limestone rock, quaint villages, breathtaking coves… all of which can only be experienced from this beautiful Catamaran. The most heartfelt part of our trip is sharing it with not only each other but with our best friends for life… Gary, Sonya, Tio and Faith. The icing on the cake is the SUPERB hospitality and generosity of Spiros (our handsome Captain) and Xenia (our beautiful hostess). Spiros, thank you for the perfect itinerary you planned for us and Xenia, thank you for spoiling us with your delicious food. You have made this a trip of “Love” on so many levels. Xoxo –Jody and Arthur 
    There are many things that were memorable on this voyage of sea, wind and friendship. Sitting at the dining table I have to start with the delectable meals that just kept coming from the ship’s galley kitchen, each presented beautifully –a fest for all the senses. Sometimes the smell of the cooking alone would a cause a frenzy. Xenia’s attention to detail and our comfort overall made her our hostess with the most-ess. The choice of route, handling of the yacht, ability to find the perfect port, cove and cave speak to Spiros’ commitment to excellence and his passenger’s comfort and concerns. The Serenity herself is part of the joy that is this vacation –in boater’s parlance she is surely “yar”. In any other parlance she is a beautiful, comfortable, fun ship. The Greek Islands charmed us, Xenia catered to us, Spiros guided us, Serenity calmed us and we added the bonds of friendship for a wonderful cruise and experience. Thanks so much for a great week. –Faith and Tio 
    Spiros and Xenia, I honestly doesn’t think I can find words to truly express what a wonderful, fantastic trip we had this week with you and this amazing Catamaran. You were both wonderful host and hostess. Spiros, I thank you for your great itinerary for us. We are so happy we went with your suggestions. The islands we went to were the best and I would not have changed anything. And Xenia, our meals were wonderful. Coming from SF, we have some of the best restaurants around and your meals were right up there with the best. We are already planning to refer this trip to two groups of friends. And we want to experience another Greek Island trip with the two of you. And of course this fabulous, top of the line catamaran. Thank you again for everything!! Come visit us in California if your travels ever bring you our way. Until next time… Love, Sonya
    Spiros and Xenia, this was truly and unforgettable experience. All the sights, sounds and smells (of Xenia’s delicious cooking) would have been enough, but having the both of you guide us, and to pamper us was more than I could have hoped for. The care you both took of Serenity was matched only by the care and loving you showed us. Everything was terrific and I can’t wait to share the photos and the stories with family and friends. We also will be dreaming about our next trip with you! I hope if you ever visit San Francisco that you will get in touch for some sailing on the boy! Cheers! –Gary 
    October 2015
    To our dear Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia, 
    You are superb humans. I know you are just doing your job, but for our group, it was more. You showed care, concern, humor and love. Love is, of course, the motivator. And one can’t expect or teach love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your attention to the fine details. I truly hope we meet again. God bless –Project Grace
    What can I say for the crew of Serenity; kind, compassionate and flexible! Your professionalism gets a 10! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. –Endless Blue 
    Wow Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia, 
    I was so very impressed with your hospitality to your boat Serenity. It was so welcoming and complimentary to see how you all work together. Thank you so much for your compassion towards us all but also the fun, laughter and love you sent us –the T.L.C. was very appreciated… I wish I could come here every year with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! –Aren and Anita
    Spiros, Xenia, Anastasia, 
    Trying and understanding, kind and doing ALL you can! Thank you for laughing, sharing and learning! –Valeri
    Spiros, Xenia, Anastasia, 
    Thankful for such a wonderful week –each of you made it possible to laugh once again. Always grateful –Christine
    Spiros, Xenia and Anastasia,
    I needed a bit of extra care for this trip. Thank you for everything you did to help me, from massages to loan of clothes for the hospital, the special meals and the hugs. Even ill, the trip was wonderful. –Veronica
    S, X & A, Thank you so much for the care you took with us this week. It meant a lot. We will think of you with great memories. –Cheryl
    Captain Spiros, Lovely Xenia and Sweet Anastasia, 
    Thanks for taking care of all of us in this beautiful way. Always there with your lovely hearts! You made the trip unforgettable… -Katrin 
    Spiros, Xenia, Anastasia, 
    Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality –you all took such great care of us –Spiros you did a superb sailing job! I trust you with my life! Beautiful Xenia, you are an amazingly awesome cook and so sweet and compassionate –PLEASE keep in touch with those recipes! Anastasia, you did such a great job on your first charter! Thank you for ll your hard work! Hope to see you again on the “Serenity” –Suzanne xoxo
     September 2015
    Spiros and Xenia, 
    We has an amazing experience with the catamaran “Serenity” during these few days. Our group was very diverse –by age and interests –from Anna Maria 1 year old and Ivan 5 to the oldest Ivan 58. This greatly complicated your task. You have done it perfectly. Nothing we missed the boat! You were precise and friendly to all of us, especially to children. These days will be unforgettable from them. Thank you for everything! We wish you health and a lot of successful voyages! –Anna Maria, Ilta, Ani, Ivan, Tsvety, Ivan, Maria, Pavel, Stoyan
    August-September 2015
    Thank you to Spiros and Xenia for having brought us safe after this great sailing experience. Spiros for his leadership in commanding Serenity. Xenia for her skill in cooking wonderful foods. Both for their professional, direct and friendly behaviors. –Thiery and Diane 
    Thanks for everything, delicious cooking and fantastic landscapes –Patricia 
    Great cruise, thanks to both Spiros and Xenia. Good luck –Nathalie and Bernard
     August 2015
    Thank you both for making this experience so special for our family. We hope to repeat with BOTH of you next year. Until then… keep making people as happy as us! Best Crew ever!!! All our love from this Spanish family, Ricardo, Cristina, Tristan, Bosco.
     August 2015
    Spiros & Xenia, 
    Many thanks for making this holiday an unforgettable experience for both of us and every single person on the Serenity boat! Also, many many thanks for all your hard work and delicious food that was very much appreciated! Lots of love, Meida & Gustav
     August 2015
    Thank you so much for the amazing trip. We couldn’t have asked for a better skipper and hostess. Xenia –your cooking is phenomenal! We loved everything. Spiros –thank you for taking us to beautiful islands and blowing up our water blob! Thank you both for the trip of a lifetime! We hope to see you I New York so we can continue the party! Love, Laura & Veronica
    Spiros and Xenia, thanking you for making this an amazing week in Greece! Hostess with the most-est! –Calvin 
    Xenia and Spiros, it has been an unforgettable week. Thank you for looking after us! xxx Krishna
    Thank you Spiros, keep smiling Xenia! We won’t forget you! Love, Gareth 
    Xenia and Spiros, thank you for everything! It has been an amazing week! xxx Neil
     July-August 2015
    Captain Spiros and Xenia, 
    Thank you so much! You made our amazing holiday ten times more amazing. Thank you for your hospitability, for making our holiday unforgettable and so joyful. You are a great team and you made us feel as part of your team and that is really cool! We are full of great emotions: lots of smiles, lots of delicious food done by Xenia and amazing water ski experience taught by Spiros for us. Thank you so much! You are great! Hope to see you both again during our next trip in Greece! Sincerely, your team from Ukraine
     July 2015
    To Captain Spiros and Xenia, Thank you guys for this wonderful time and hospitality. You guys are the best, it’s a pleasure knowing you! All the best on your way back. Take care. –Ahmad Almulla 
    To Captain Spiros and Xenia, First of all, I would love to thank you for your wonderful services on this trip. It was truly enjoyable and unforgettable. I wish you all the best. Love, Abdullah T. Ali 
    Captain Spiros and Xenia, Couldn’t have expected anything better. Hope for further trips on the seas in the future with you guys. Best Regards, Mohammad Al Juam 
    Captain Spiros & Xenia, Thank you, are two words that are not sufficient to describe our gratitude. It was truly an unforgettable experience. You were all a joy to have with us on this trip. I also don’t remember the last time I had service like this, you guys really took very good care of us. The food was amazing! I wish all the best and luck in the world. Sincerely, Mohamed T. Almailam
    Mr. Spiros and Xenia, this amazing journey was very great with your companionship. It was a pleasure to meet you both, we has lots of fun and we look forward to have more trips with you guys. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Wael Al Thuwaini
    Mr. Spiros and Xenia, thank you very much for the amazing hospitality. We had an amazing time and a wonderful experience. Hope to see you again in another adventure. Regards, Abdulariz 
    To the kindest people in Greece, every summer has its own stars but summer 2015 will definitely be remembered as one of the most exciting summers I had. With the warm welcome you guys showed us and the help you provided we wouldn’t experience it as good without you. I hope you will remember us. Thanks a million. Love from Kuwait, Abdulrahman 
    To the best Captain and Hostess in the catamaran business… where do I begin? This is definitely one of my best trips I ever had. The hospitality was on another level, words can’t describe what I am feeling right now. Thank you for everything and I hope one day we will meet out there in this unexpected world. My deepest regards, Jassem
     July 2015
    The first thing I can say about the two of you is you guys are incredible! 
    Xenia you are such a sensitive, caring and wonderful person. You took such good care of my children. You have an incredible heart and a lovely personality. I wish I could be half the person you are. My family and I will miss you so much. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
    Spiros you commandeer this boat so amazing, rough seas and everything. We had so much fun doing the water sports with you, YOU ARE AN AMAZING CAPTAIN. 
    The patience is much appreciated. An incredible experience for those of sailing for the first time! Thanks! 
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! –Killebrews, Neas, Cooleys
     July 2015
    To Spiros & Xenia, 
    Thank you so much for a lovely time on your boat (baby). The food was delicious, thank you for all the effort you put into gluten free. Spiros, you are a great water skiing coach, we loved learning how to waterski like pros. You are have a really good playlist which we liked listening to under the stars. Thank you. We all agreed our favorite day was then you took us exploring through the caves. It was very funny when we splashed Mark and got stuck in the case. Xenia thank you for our bracelets, we hope our wishes come true. You are a fabulous masseuse. We have loved hanging out with you! Love, Mia, Anna, Jill and David xxx
    Ps. Love the Caps
    To Spiros & Xenia, Thanks for being such fabulous hosts on “Serenity”. Everything has been wonderful –sailing, water skiing –tuition, food and cocktails, and all with a smile! A fantastic holiday! –Tina, Mark, Mia & Imi Johnson
    Spiros –thanks for being a fabulous waterskiing coach! Great steering of the boat. 
    Xenia –thanks for being so talented at everything and cooking yum meals. Thank you for cleaning our room, sorry for the mess! Xoxo Imi & Lucy
    Ps. How’s the Serenity?
    Thank you Spiros & Xenia, you both have been so good to us and made our holiday fantastic. You were patient with our water skiing and cooked amazing meals. We are all going to miss you –Jonny 
     June 2015
    Captain Spiros & Princess Xenia, Are amazing hosts. A great advertisement for Greece. To have such people acting as Ambassadors for Greece and this industry. The boat and the service impeccable. Our children were taken care, they were taught how to water ski and more. My only complaint is that I now weight 5kg more than I did when I boarded. 
    Thank you and best wishes and safe travels. 
    -The Stevens Family
    ΞΕΝΙΑ + ΣΠΥΡΟΣ, Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ for the amazing trip , beautiful spots, great fun, great company- all that we imagined- your hospitality and service excellent – thanks for putting up at our music . thanks for an amazing time and making a beautiful holiday, amazing captain and host! Thanks again for a great holiday making it really fyn. 
    To Spiro + Xenia an amazing holiday with service above + beyond our expectations- you made our holiday relaxing and good for everyone in the family! Looking forward to recommending this team + boat to all our Australian friends. Best wishes to botb of you and your families 
    -The Haralambis family 
     June 2015
    Thanks for a wonderful week, funny, relax, with a delicious food and drinks. 
    Thanks Xenia for everything, we never forget your, always happy, beautiful, the best dancer, singer. 
    A big hug Poly 
    Thanks for everything, especially to Spiros, tha everyday gave us plan A, B,C,D,E, to choose to go. All places were awesome, from villages, crowdy towns and isolated beaches. 
    Also to Xenia that sings, dance, cooks and she is always happy with a smile on the face. 
    Now we need to leave the SERENITY, but we want to stay on it for ever. Snif , snif. 
    We wish you all the best in the future and hope to meet you again. 
    Alfonso & Poly Reutter

    DVD player saloon, Games console, Outdoor audio system, Printer, TV saloon, Wi-Fi, Beach games, Floating mats, Paddleboard, Tube - towable, Water skis - adult, Coffee machine, Sun cushions, Sun loungers, Swim platform, Water maker
    Not Insured, Spearfishing gear