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Why should you consider trading in your luxury cruises for a private yacht vacation? The prices are similar, but the benefits of a private yacht vacation are immensely better. 

Don’t settle for cruises when private yacht vacations are attainable – discover the differences of cruise ship vs yacht vacations


The value of a private yacht vacation or chartering a yacht, far surpasses the modern-day cruise line experience. Did you ever want to stay at a destination just a little longer or discover something that wasn’t part of the original plan? Yacht charters offer that flexibility. There isn’t a rush to be on a herd schedule – you make the schedule and choose your own adventure.

Private yacht vacations offer a peace of mind that cruise ships cannot provide. Your guests onboard are part of an intimate experience that leaves behind worries and welcomes 5-star, personalized service and attention. When you compare cruise ship vs yacht vacations, the safest option in recent times is easily a private yacht.
If you have ever been on a Seabourne, Crystal or Regent Cruise, or experienced a Silversea luxury cruise you know there are still unexplored places these large ships simply cannot go. The benefits of a private yacht charter are undeniable – accessibility to secluded destinations, 5-Star service, a Covid-free environment, personal chef and a luxury yacht pre-provisioned with all your favorite drinks, foods and treats.
Number of Guests
This is extremely important for selecting a yacht. Be sure to let your Charter Specialist know if you have a nanny or other personal staff. The maximum number of charter guests allowed by law is 12, unless the yacht is registered appropriately to handle over 12 guests. It is important for us to know if there are couples/singles and the ages of your party as this will help with the yachts we present.
The majority of yachts quote their pricing on a weekly “plus expenses” basis which includes the hire of the yacht, together with the crew, and the yacht’s insurance. Some yachts will consider less than a full week of charter. This rate is usually calculated by dividing the weekly rate by six and multiplying for the number of days of the charter. Please keep in mind that each yacht is privately owned and negotiations and availability may vary from Owner to Owner.
Each yacht features an array of water toys and other pastimes onboard, such as board and card games, and a list of movies and music. Be sure to discuss your favorite water sports with our Charter Specialist so we can take into considerat ion specific water toys should these not be included in the yacht’s amenities. WaveRunners and other motorized water toys may be restricted in certain cruising areas. Please note most yachts do not offer SCUBA diving directly from the yacht due to insurance liability, however the Captain will subcontract with a local dive company to take you diving.

The benefits

Private Yachts are an entirely different level of luxury, with privacy, private chefs, and a crew dedicated to you and only you. On a cruise ship you are a number in the crowd but on a private yacht you are the only one the crew needs to focus on. With private yacht vacations you are able to customize every part of your trip including locations, food, and activities. The stewardess or steward makes sure your stateroom is always kept immaculate and keeps you constantly refreshed with food and drink. When you compare cruise ship and yacht vacations, a private yacht charter offers a level of freedom, privacy, gourmet food, and incredibly personalized service that cruise ship simply cannot match.

Plenty of privacy

The beauty of a private yacht vacation is just that, it is private! You get to choose everyone on board whether it’s friends or family, you know you can be completely yourself. You are able to go into the jacuzzi without a stranger in sight. Your family can dine on the aft deck while having intimate conversations without a worry of eavesdroppers around you. Feel completely comfortable and safe aboard your private yacht. 

Superb food

After booking a private yacht vacation, you can expect your professional chef to ask you what kinds of foods you enjoy and what drinks you prefer before you arrive. The crew will make sure to have the snacks and drinks you desire as well as creating a mouth-watering menu for each day you are on board. Your private chef will prepare gourmet meals tailor-made to accommodate your preferences and dietary requests. You are able to completely customize your menus for each day to make sure you are satisfied.

Personalized Service

The service aboard a Private Yacht Vacation is like nothing else. Easily the biggest difference between a cruise ship vs yacht vacation, on a private yacht charter you can look forward to being pampered each day by a professional crew who have been trained to give you the best service. Your incredible crew will take care of your every need as soon as you step aboard, from unpacking your suitcase, to refreshing your drinks, to giving you wake boarding lessons, and more.

Water sports & activities

Aboard a charter yacht you are able to enjoy a huge selection of fantastic water sports which all included in the price. Unlike cruise ships that charge you extra for each activity you want to partake in. Charter yachts allow you the freedom to do what you want when you want. For example, if you want to use a water toy you may ask a crew member to put it in the water for you and you are able to use them right then and there. Aboard a cruise ship you do not have that freedom. 


Safety Precautions

When it comes to safety on a cruise ship vs private yacht, yachts are much safer than cruise ships. On a private yacht vacation, you are on board with family or friends exclusively. Aboard your private yacht vacation there is no chances of someone stealing from your room, spreading diseases, or harming you. With so many guests on board a cruise ship you never know who or what you may come in contact with.

Custom Itineraries

Step aboard and let your journey begin as you set course for some of the world’s most beautiful, breathtaking, and exclusive charter destinations. Explore uninhabited islands, enjoy crystal clear turquoise waters, and savor the taste of culinary delights prepared by your personal chef, while you enjoy the personalized service of a professionally crewed yacht. 

Close your eyes and imagine being onboard a luxury yacht to call home, with five-star service and luxury amenities at your fingertips. 

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