Happy International Women’s Day!

Women in yachting are powerful. Let’s celebrate!

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we praise the positive impacts that women in the yachting industry have accomplished. In a largely male dominated industry, these women are inspiration to anyone wanting to be involved in this fascinating world.

The yachting industry is filled with female talent, from architects and designers to captains and owners to yacht lovers.

Meet a few of the women inspiring us to get out there, and go yachting!

Ship Builders

  • Rose Damen – Damen and Amels
  • Alice Huisman – Royal Huisman


  • Captain Sandra Yawn
  • Captain Danielle de Vere
  • Captain Carol Benbrook

Interior Designers and Architects

  • Laura Sessa Rombol
  • Fiona Diamond
  • Paola Galeazzi


  • Elena Ambrosiadou – MALTESE FALCON
  • Heidi Horten – CARINTHIA VII

To all the women in the yachting industry, we salute you!