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Worth Avenue Yachts lists all the most beautiful cruising sailboats for sale in the world. These yachts are designed for long-distance sailing and cruising both in high latitudes and under the tropics. What could be more romantic than a round-the-world trip on a yacht driven by the wind?

cruising sailboats for sale

One of the leaders in this industry is the creative and innovative brand Perini Navi. Their stunning yachts are some of the best in the world! It is impossible not to fall in love with these ultra-stylish and highly technological sailboats.

Worth Avenue Yachts offers to your attention several cruising sailboats for sale. We created this resources to facilitate your next yacht purchase. You will find information on every cruising sailboats available for sale currently. If you have any question regarding one of these please do not hesitate to contact us. With offices in Monaco and Florida, we are ideally located to serve all your needs.

Cruising sailboats for sale:

Rainbow II

View yacht Rainbow II, available for sale

Rainbow II, yacht for sale
Year: 2024
Builder: Turquoise Yachts
Length: 168' 5" (51.32m)
€17,500,000 EUR

View yacht ARABELLA, available for sale

ARABELLA, yacht for sale
Year: 1983
Builder: Palmer Johnson
Length: 157' (47.85m)
$4,500,000 USD

View yacht ELLEN, available for sale

ELLEN, yacht for sale
Year: 2001 / 2015
Builder: Perini Navi
Length: 132' 7" (40.41m)
€9,300,000 EUR
A Sulana

View yacht A Sulana, available for sale

A Sulana, yacht for sale
Year: 2006 / 2021
Builder: Holland Jachtbouw
Length: 121' 5" (37m)
€6,750,000 EUR

View yacht MISS SILVER, available for sale

MISS SILVER, yacht for sale
Year: 1995 / 2022
Length: 118' 7" (36.12m)
€8,750,000 EUR

View yacht SERAFIM, available for sale

SERAFIM, yacht for sale
Year: 2012 / 2020
Builder: Oyster Marine Ltd
Length: 101' 1" (30.81m)
€6,300,000 EUR

View yacht SAVARONA, available for sale

SAVARONA, yacht for sale
Year: 2001 / 2021
Length: 93' 5" (28.45m)
€1,790,000 EUR

View yacht Belkara, available for sale

Belkara, yacht for sale
Year: 2016
Builder: Conrad Shipyard
Length: 91' 8" (27.93m)
€4,900,000 EUR

View yacht ENSO, available for sale

ENSO, yacht for sale
Year: 2016 / 2021
Builder: Oyster Marine Ltd
Length: 82' 7" (25.15m)
€5,100,000 EUR