Yachts for Sale


View yacht Komokwa, available for sale

Komokwa, yacht for sale
Year: 2010 / 2022
Builder: Horizon
Length: 135' (41.15m)
$7,900,000 USD

View yacht TACTICAL 110, available for sale

TACTICAL 110, yacht for sale
Year: 2024
Length: 110' (33.53m)
$11,950,000 USD
Oregon Mist

View yacht Oregon Mist, available for sale

Oregon Mist, yacht for sale
Year: 2000
Builder: Queenship
Length: 86' (26.21m)
$2,100,000 USD

View yacht LEONORE, available for sale

LEONORE, yacht for sale
Year: 2003 / 2020
Builder: Kelly Archer
Length: 80' (24.38m)
$1,695,000 USD
Taken Time II

View yacht Taken Time II, available for sale

Taken Time II, yacht for sale
Year: 2006
Builder: Hampton Yachts
Length: 75' (22.86m)
$1,812,500 CAD
Minutes To Memories

View yacht Minutes To Memories, available for sale

Minutes To Memories, yacht for sale
Year: 2012
Builder: Regal
Length: 53' (16.15m)
$584,999 USD
Cravin the Wave

View yacht Cravin the Wave, available for sale

Cravin the Wave, yacht for sale
Year: 2009
Builder: Navigator
Length: 48' (14.63m)
$574,900 CAD
2022 Sea Ray SLX400

View yacht 2022 Sea Ray SLX400, available for sale

2022 Sea Ray SLX400, yacht for sale
Year: 2021
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 41' 11" (12.78m)
$845,000 USD