Cantiere Delle MarcheYachts for Sale

Year: 2019 / 2021
Builder: Cantiere Delle Marche
Length: 153' 7" (46.8m)
€26,000,000 EUR
Year: 2014 / 2016
Builder: Cantiere Delle Marche
Length: 89′ 7″ (27.31m)

Since 2010, Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) has been one of the world’s leading builders of explorer yachts. CdM is conveniently located in the heart of Ancona, Italy. Built from the ground up, CdM is fueled on passion for the sea. CdM builds long-range, luxury yachts and superyachts from 85ft / 26m to 131ft / 40m in length. When it comes to fine craftsmanship, Cantiere delle Marche emphasizes top-tier product quality. Cantiere delle Marche was founded in 2010 by a group of veteran shipbuilders, including members of Italy’s Cecchini family, pioneers in the construction of gas and chemical tanker ships along with other commercial vessels. CdM yachts are built to provide boundless opportunities for exploration. Their mantra is simple, “It is up to you to decide which routes to explore, not the limits of your yacht.” This limitless mindset is what fuels the passion of both the CdM team and clients.

The Shipyard

Bringing only the highest of standard of shipbuilding, CdM’s facilities cover an overall surface of 16˙000 sq. m including 7˙000 sq. m of workshops and 1˙000 sq. m of docks. Brought together by the top designers, captains, and shipbuilders, CdM continues to offer Italy’s finest fleet of explorer yachts.

Cantiere delle Marche Yacht Models

CdM has two series of luxury explorer superyachts: The full displacement Darwin Class and the semi-displacement Nauta Air. The Darwin class yachts are designed to travel thousands of miles with the utmost safety and comfort. CdM yachts are built with only the finest construction, machinery and equipment. In addition to the quality construction, the interior comfort and luxury are unparalleled. The Darwin class offers a long range with efficient fuel consumption, allowing for worry-free travel wherever the wind takes you. The Darwin class also features ample storage space, perfect for storing an array of water toys to choose from.


In addition to the Darwin Class, CdM also offers a Flexplorer class of yachts. The Flexplorer class features cutting-edge technology with an attention-grabbing design. Designed by Sergio Cutolo and Hydro Tec, Flexplorer is well equipped to face a vast array of weather conditions with safety, comfort, and style. What makes the Flexplorer model so unique is its fold-down bulwarks that increase the deck space to 115 sq. m and an A-frame stored in the deck floor. A truly distinctive piece of engineering, the Flexplorer offers distinctive privacy and comfort. The stern terrace on the Upper Deck and a panoramic Sun Deck with spa-pool and sun lounges.

MG Line

CdM’s newest MG line takes luxury to a whole new level. Featuring top-tier luxury, CdM’s MG line offers vast interior space. The MG line not only offers the livability and comfort of a luxury yacht but can travel virtually anywhere you’d like to go. CdM is known for their ability to create a harmonious balance between luxury and adventure. The expansive interior and exterior social spaces allow passengers to truly immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the sea. The vast outdoor space also allows for considerable storage space. This space allows for her owner and guests to store plenty of toys.

The comfort and livability of the MG line remains unmatched. CdM emphasizes product quality, being prestigiously entered into the top 20 shipyards. CEO Ennio Cecchini along with his award-winning team are committed to building the most functional and luxurious yachts on the market.

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