Grand BanksYachts for Sale

Lisa Marie

View yacht Lisa Marie, available for sale

Lisa Marie, yacht for sale
Year: 2008
Builder: Grand Banks
Length: 55' (16.76m)
$1,075,000 USD

View yacht Paradox, available for sale

Paradox, yacht for sale
Year: 2007
Builder: Grand Banks
Length: 54' (16.46m)
$999,900 USD

View yacht Lasata, available for sale

Lasata, yacht for sale
Year: 1997
Builder: Grand Banks
Length: 49' (14.94m)
$450,000 USD
Irish Lady

View yacht Irish Lady, available for sale

Irish Lady, yacht for sale
Year: 1996
Builder: Grand Banks
Length: 46' (14.02m)
$429,000 USD
Ciao Bella

View yacht Ciao Bella, available for sale

Ciao Bella, yacht for sale
Year: 2013
Builder: Grand Banks
Length: 43' (13.11m)
$849,999 USD


HOMELAND 72’ Grand Banks 2006

ANG MO THE MERRIER 59’ Grand Banks 2008

LADERA 46’ Grand Banks 2005

Embark on a journey of exploration with Grand Banks Yachts and step into a world of luxurious boat building. Grand Banks Yachts are renowned for their high-end boats for a unique and unforgettable experience at sea.

Grand Banks Yachts are an American-based boat building company with an esteemed reputation for high-quality craftsmanship. Since 1956, Grand Banks Yachts have been manufactured in Singapore, setting the gold standard in boat manufacturing with their fine attention to detail and superior construction. The company has held to a long-standing tradition of excellence and their commitment to their craft has earned them worldwide acclaim.

Grand Banks Yachts offers a wide range of boats, including motor yachts, fishing cruisers, sailing yachts, and sailboats. From light-duty models to larger performance boats, Grand Banks Yachts has a boat to suit your individual needs and desires. With its extensive catalog of models, Grand Banks Yachts caters to a variety of budgets and types of adventure. Each boat is designed with superior comfort and performance in mind, with a sleek and classic aesthetic guaranteed to turn heads wherever your voyage may take you. From open-air decks to luxurious cabins and full amenities, the Grand Banks range has something for everyone.

Experience the best of open waters with Grand Banks Yachts. With their luxurious designs, superior construction and modern amenities, Grand Banks Yachts will give you a unique and unforgettable experience at sea. Whether you go for a weekend getaway or a longer voyage, a Grand Banks Yacht has something to suit all tastes and budgets. So why not explore the seas in an immaculately designed and reliable Grand Banks Yacht? Step into the world of superior luxury and an unforgettable adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which GRAND BANKS models do you currently have available for purchase?

We currently have a range of GRAND BANKS models available for purchase including: 49 Classic, 54 Eastbay SX, 55 Eastbay SX, EUROPA.

The availability of GRAND BANKS models changes frequently. If there is a specific GRAND BANKS model you are looking for then don't hesitate to contact us!