Sea RayYachts for Sale

Year: 2018
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 65' 1" (19.84 M)
$2,449,000 USD
Year: 2015
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 65' 0" (19.81 M)
$1,399,000 USD
Year: 2012
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 61' 0" (18.59 M)
$897,500 USD
maxx knobs
maxx knobs
Year: 2013
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 61' 0" (18.59 M)
$989,000 USD
southern office
southern office
Year: 2016
Builder: Sea Ray
Length: 58' 10" (17.93 M)
$1,195,000 USD

Sea Ray is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pleasure boats. An American grown brand name in the marine industry known for its sports boats and cruisers. Sea Ray currently builds four models: Sports Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts and L-Class, ranging from 19.6ft / 5.94m to 65.1ft / 19.84m.

Sea Ray yachts for sale

Cornelius Nathaniel “Connie” Ray III founded Sea Ray in 1959 in Oxford, Michigan, and built it into the world’s largest boat company at the time with 40 models from 17ft / 5m to 60ft /18m. Growing up in Detroit, Ray strongly believed in General Motor’s means to success: to identify the best capitalized, best located and best run dealerships that existed at the dawn of the automobile era and make them GM dealers. “He believed that distribution was king, that you built a good-quality boat, backed it up, delivered good customer service, and got the best dealers,” said Robert J. Parmentier, Sea Ray’s current president and an employee of Ray’s in the early 1980s. Sea Ray was also one of the first boat builders to use fiberglass and other high-tech composite materials in the construction of pleasure boats. By 1986, when Ray sold his company to Brunswick Corporation, Sea Ray had 4,500 employees and built 28,000 boats a year!

Each of the four Sea Ray models has several series:

Sport Boats

  • SPX Series
  • SLX Series
  • SDX Series

Sport Cruisers

  • Sundancer 260
  • Sundancer 320
  • Sundancer 320 OB
  • Sundancer 350
  • Sundancer 350 Coupe

Sport Yachts

  • Sundancer 400
  • Fly 400
  • Sundancer 460
  • Fly 460
  • Sundancer 510
  • Sundancer 510 Signature
  • Fly 510
  • Fly 520

L Class

  • L550
  • L550 Fly
  • L590
  • L590 Fly
  • L650
  • L650 Fly

Sea Ray is committed to innovation and forward thinking. Their Next Wave program has developed technologies such as Quiet Ride™ and SkyFlow™. Quiet Ride™ is a system of technological advances to reduce noise and vibration. SkyFlow™ design is a stretch of glass overhead the salon, galley and cockpit allowing natural light into the boat.

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