TechnomarYachts for Sale

Year: 2008 / 2014
Builder: Technomar
Length: 116' 11" (35.62m)
€2,900,000 EUR

Tecnomar began in 1987 in Viareggio, a beautiful city in Italy, where they regularly produce twenty-meter motor yachts. They are known to have a high level of sportsmanship and innovative designs.

After some time, Tecnomar Yachts moved its commercial and production offices to the industrial area of Massa Carrara in order to optimize its production cycle.

Since the 2000s, the shipyard has managed to produce many amazing yachts satisfying owners from all over the world.

In January of 2009, Giovanni Costantino became Chairman and CEO of Tecnomar. His goal was to develop and implement a strong reorganization and restructuring plan within the company. Part of Giovanni’s plan was to renew and enlarge the headquarters of Tecnomar while also expanding by building more headquarter centers.

Giovanni was able to positively impact Tecnomar, they have built several new headquarters and renewed and enlarged their original operations. The management as well has been renewed while the quality, the product exclusiveness and the production process have been consolidated by the introduction of an innovative industrial system.

Today Tecnomar’s fleet presents boats constructed entirely in steel and aluminum with a special focus on eco sustainability. New systems for quality and control as well as production planning have been implemented. Tecnomar also changes their marketing approach as the industry is continuing to change daily.

Tecnomar’s Italian Sea Group is one of the greatest Groups in the Boating Industry nowadays. The Group features the capability to offer a total luxury experience, made of quality, attention to detail, design, art, innovation, the real essence of Made in Italy.

Tecnomar is known for their attention to detail at every step to guarantee efficiency and quality. Their design and creativity efforts are incredible. They are able to create a variety of different yachts that would be perfect for any perspective owner.