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Trumpy: The Pillar of American Yachting  

In a world saturated with innovative technology and overpriced coffee is rare to find a pillar of American history that truly takes your breath away. Introducing, the Trumpy Motoryacht. Built from the 1920s to the 1970s, Trumpy motor yachts are a timeless example of what American yachting culture is all about.  

From the outside, these vessels are an obvious stand-out. The wood scrollwork reveals a meticulously carved “T” on every Trumpy Motor Yacht. A symbolic representation of the high-status passengers that once set sail aboard these yachts, some notable passengers include business mogul Howard Hughes, the Chrysler family, and the Dupont’s, to name a few.  

A staple design element of the Trumpy Motor Yacht is the polished white hull. Coupled with the classic wood detailing on the side of each Trumpy, these Yachts are easily distinguishable among a crowd. To capture the true essence of the Trumpy Motor Yacht legacy, it is important to understand the history behind the name. The name “Trumpy” originates from Norwegian-born Naval architect John Trumpy Sr., who began building yachts in Camden Yard in Gloucester City, N.J. In 1947, Trumpy & Sons moved their shipbuilding operation to Annapolis, Md. When Trumpy Sr. died in 1963, his son John Jr. continued the tradition until 1974, when rising costs, labor strikes and the popularity of fiberglass put him out of business.  

The person responsible for the creation of the Trumpy Motoryacht, John Trumpy, was originally born in Norway. A fourth-generation boat builder, Trumpy immigrated to America in 1908. Working at various boatyards in New York and New Jersey, Trumpy eventually joined Mathis in N.J. as an official partner. Trumpy became their first naval architect. (Mathis had started the company about 10 years earlier.) The most famous Trumpy Yacht was the U.S.S Sequoia. Now a designated historical landmark, the U.S.S Sequoia was built in 1925. This 104’ (31.7m) yacht was most known for being the presidential yacht for Herbert Hoover and his administration. It is rumored that Marilyn Monroe was a guest on the U.S.S Sequoia during former president Kennedy’s term. Everyone from presidents, models, public figures, and entertainers have spent time aboard a Trumpy Yacht. It was not until 1930 that the U.S.S Sequoia was auctioned off in 1977 for $286,000. According to the Trumpy yacht Association, more than 400 yachts were built. Today, however, less than 70 Trumpy Yachts remain. 

Cruising through the water on a Trumpy Yacht is a unique experience, to say the least. For those accustomed to yachts with fiberglass or steel hulls, a wooden yacht such as The Trumpy offers a unique experience. Wooden boats allow more give, moving through the water ever so swiftly. While Trumpy Yachts would not win any speed contests, the smooth, leisurely ride is a relaxing experience, to say the least.  

Trumpy Yachts were made for the rich and famous. Their glamourous appeal boasts not only size but functionality. Most Trumpy Yachts feature three staterooms, sleeping up to six guests. Most Trumpy yachts also feature a full galley, crew quarters, and a generous main salon. All Trumpy Yachts feature a similar design. Trumpy Yachts feature a white hull made of wood. The classic white wood contrasts the darker wooden details found on each Trumpy.  

Worth Avenue Yachts is proud to have several different Trumpy Motor Yachts listed. M/Y AURORA, M/Y SIRIUS, M/Y WISHING STAR, ENTICER, and FREEDOM are currently available for sale or fractional shares. To inquire about any of our Trumpy listings, feel free to contact us on our website,, or via email at [email protected] 

For those who appreciate American craftsmanship, Trumpy Yachts are a fascinating symbol of 19th-century yachting culture. Whether you are enjoying a leisurely breakfast on the sundeck or hunkering down for a journey down the East coast, consider letting a Trumpy Yacht take you there.