Exploring Diverse Cultures – Graham’s Great Adventure

On nautical mile 17,000, I realized that there was an incredible journey ahead. Most would say that it was the end of the adventure most only could dream of – but for me, it was the most eye-opening experience that expanded my mind beyond any measure.



On August 1st, 2011, I slowly approached the 84 year old tall ship S/Y Sorlandet in the Bay of Kristiansand, Norway – awe struck by the timeless beauty that was berthed in front of me. As a young boy growing up in the San Juan Islands I always watched the beautiful sailing and motor vessels glide by in the crisp Pacific waters. I dreamed of once stepping afoot onto a man-made machine that could be powered through my own self perseverance and determination. I always thought this day would never come only being able to contemplate for about five minutes before shrugging off the idea of Sailing the World’s most incredible playground – the Seven Seas. As I approached S/Y Sorlandet within arms reach I took off my ground shoes and put on my Sperry’s. This exact moment was when my life changed forever.



I had the wondrous opportunity under my feet. Sailing from Kristiansand, Norway with a mind full of big dreams but only a reality within my arms reach. The first night I slept in my bunk peacefully as the sailing ship rocked back and forth to the lull of the oceans ebb and flow. The next morning I woke up living my dream.



The program I was on is called Class Afloat. It provides young adolescents the opportunity to command an 84 year old Norwegian tall ship around the World. Visiting over 20+ countries in 4 continents, sailing 17,000 nautical miles through vast seas, crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and Brazil and Bermuda and Portugal, experiencing the natural occurrences of this World away from civilizations. Opening our youthful minds to the infinite possibilities of Life. This is only a fraction of the experience I walked away with at the end of this expedition.



A week into my 35 week sailing adventure around the World, I had realized what it took to be classified as a weathered “sailor”. Waking up at 3am in the morning to command the vessel and do my shift as a “watchman” – isolated lookout on the foredeck searching for any vessels in the distance, logs, sea life, etc., cleaning the heads, putting my hands on the 84 year old helm that had seen salt life that I could only ever dream of, climbing through the rigging to unleash a powerful sail that would drift my soul along this World’s greatest unknown – the oceans.



On  my trek I visited countries such as Northern Ireland, saw the incredible Sunsets of North Western France, touched mosaic tiles in Porto, Portugal, had fresh croissants in Cadiz, climbed the famous Rock in the Mediterranean, sat on a camel’s back in the Sahara desert within miles of Algeria guiding me to a rug palace in the sand dunes, painted a school and had the opportunity to teach young inspiring minds in Dakar, Senegal, snorkeled through the protected waters of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil – walked in the Amazon Forrest, experienced the abundance in culture in rural Dominican Republic and most memorable saw shooting stars, satellites, and mysterious glows in the unpolluted Night Sky thousands of nautical miles through the Atlantic Ocean.



Experiences are what matures the mind. One can grow gracefully old with the same routine or a young adolescent can be exposed to so much culture at a young age to only be inspired to provide the same experiences for others. As one of the youngest members at the Worth Avenue Yachts team, day in and day out I have the incredible opportunity to create similar experiences for my clients.



On Day 224 of my great sailing adventure nothing had to come an end, it was only the beginning of a Salt Life with no limitations, only endless wind to fill my ever inspired sail.



Opportunities like this do not come everyday, however when they do, always take them.  You never know where the wind will take you next.


I look forward to working with you on your Private Yacht charter and creating great memories. As your Charter Specialist I will have the opportunity to develop your custom designed experience and place you on a Private Yacht that can take you anywhere your heart desires.


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