Make Your Investment Work For You

Do you currently own a private yacht? Not sure what to do with her until the next time you take her out? Consider adding her to our charter fleet.

Make your investment work for you. Contact to get with the program!

Why should you put your boat in our charter fleet?

In 2017 our charter fleet booked 92.5 weeks!

Chartering your yacht will offset your overhead and operational costs, but the benefits are more than just financial.

It means the yacht will always be ready for you. It means your crew will be sharper, busier, happier, and more experienced. The crew will be constantly sharpening their skills to make charter experiences pleasant and memorable, in order to earn gratuities on charter. This will make them happy; and a happy crew is a better performing crew.

Use is good for your yacht. Infrequently used yachts usually tend to need more maintenance.

Your yacht will be seen. Yachts which are private and chartered tend to have a higher profile than one which is only for private use. Also if looking to sell your yacht, a prospective buyer may wish to charter your yacht before making a purchase decision.

Bring joy to others. You may have put a lot of thought and care into building your own custom yacht, or selecting aspects of the interior design in order to enjoy your yacht to its’ full potential. Others will enjoy it almost as much as you, which is bound to make you feel good.

See our charter fleet here: FEATURED CHARTER YACHTS

SOVEREIGN 180’ (54.86m) Newcastle 2011 / 2017

BROADWATER 165′ (50.03m) Feadship 2000 / 2017

SHE’S A 10 164′ 1″ (50m) Oceanfast 1988 / 2013

SILVER LINING 164′ (50m) Christensen 2017

AQUAVITA 164′ (49.99m) Westport 2009 / 2014

What to Expect on a Superyacht Charter - charter yacht AQUAVITA jacuzzi

THREE FORKS 161′ (49.07m) Christensen 2009


ALLEGRIA 152′ (46m) Hakvoort 2004 / 2016

Sundeck Worth Avenue Yachts_152 Hakvoort_ALLEGRIA

RELENTLESS 145′ (44.20m) Trinity Yachts 2001 / 2016

GRAND ILLUSION 145′ (44.2m) Palmer Johnson 1994 / 2017

MIM 144′ (43.9m) Burger 2006 / 2015

CHEERS 46 140′ (42.67m) Benetti 2014

ICE 5 140′ (42.67m) Turquoise 2002 / 2017

STELLA MARIS 124′ 8″ (38m) Picchiotti 1987/ 2014

Luxury yacht charter Galapagos. Stella Maris yacht jacuzzi.

JEDI 123′ (37.49m) Admiral 2014 / 2017

BW 120′ (36.58m) Palmer Johnson 2006 / 2017

AMORE MIO 100′ (30.48m) Ferretti 2012 / 2017

ANNDRIANNA 92′ (28.04m) Rayburn 2007


ASHA 91′ 10″ (27.99m) Maiora 2006 / 2018

WINDWARD 90′ (27.41m) Cheoy Lee 2006 / 2017