Cruising Destination: Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is by far one of the most underrated yachting destinations on the planet. The tropical weather is complemented by unspoiled landscapes of upward growing minerals outlined with the clearest ocean waters. Combine the allure of the Galapagos with a quick and easy flight to a place that is nearly an extension of California and you will be here, at the Sea of Cortez.


Separating the Baja California peninsula from the Mexico mainland, the Sea of Cortez is a narrow, largely sheltered yachting haven teeming with sea life. The body of water is an aquarium of over 2,900 species of fish and mammals which has earned it the UNSESCO World Heritage status. Exploring the waters biodiversity and diving with gentle whale sharks, curious sea lions, manta rays while the shadows of a wide variety of birds flutter overhead will connect one to the beauty of this place.

The landscape

The landscape itself is littered with hidden coves, large bays, steep cliffs stained with red volcanic rock, black basalt, and sandstone. The aforementioned growing rock formations add mystery to this strange blue-green body of water. The ocean’s colors appear painted, an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable yachting vacation. Sculpted by the hands of mother nature, the Sea of Cortez is a mesmerizing display of azure water teeming with wildlife.

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Your sea of cortez itinerary

Authentic & Peaceful

Unlike the touristy vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas, La Paz is a much more authentic and peaceful city. The serene Bay of La Paz is one of the top diving destinations in the world due to its many reefs and exquisite biodiversity. The area attracts whale watchers, hikers, scuba divers, and adventurers from all over the world. The natural beauty of sandy beaches and fiery sunsets light up the islands and leave you wanting to explore. From December to April whales migrate to this area for the mating season making this time high season.

perfect place

Further North is Bahia Balandra, a secluded bay characterized by a special marine microclimate. The conservation area is glowing white with fine feather sand which stands out against the dark vegetation-less cliffs. The shallow water is warmed to high temperatures from the sun and forms a natural spa of relaxation. Playa Balandra is a perfect place for a beach picnic and watching the dolphins out in the distance.

The most beautiful island

Traveling a small distance further north is Isla Espiritu Santo. Regarded as the most beautiful island in the Sea of Cortez, the centuries of wind and water have carved dramatic cliffs into the volcanic strata of the island. If your feeling adventurous, take an kayak around the mountainous terrain of Isla Espiritu Santo. Here you will find breathtaking sea views with turquoise water glistening underneath.

views that capture your soul

Whether it’s the white powdery sand or bright blue water that captures your soul, Ensenada Grande is the definition of paradise. Throw on a bathing suit and head to the pristine Playa Ensenada Grande. Virtually untouched by man, Ensenada Grande is unlike anything else in the world. Enjoy a beachside picnic with all of your favorite foods. Fresh fruit, salad, sandwiches or, a charcuterie board paired with your favorite wine. Whatever your ideal beach day looks like, let the pristine surroundings of Ensenada Grande transport you into a world of utter relaxation.

memories to last a lifetime

As your charter vacation reaches its final day, be sure to wake up gently. Before disembarking, indulge in a freshly prepared breakfast made just for you by your private chef. Gather you’re loved ones and admire the beautiful memories made during the trip. While your vacation may be over, the memories made in the Sea of Cortez will surely last a lifetime.





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