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Desolation Sound yacht charter

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Transport yourself to a northern oasis boasting authentic wildlife sightings, breathtaking landscapes with varying terrain, and countless remote islands. A Desolation Sound yacht charter will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced on the water. 

With long stretches of stunning shoreline, a maze of gorgeous islands, stunning bays, inlets, and peaceful secluded coves, Desolation Sound is considered by many boaters to be one of the top cruising grounds in the world. The warm waters of the Salish Sea are calm and sheltered with your choice of protected anchorages, and offer an unspoiled setting for swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Charter Itinerary

Desolation Sound Charter Destinations

We have curated a list of ‘must-see’ destinations, experiences, and events to add to your Desolation Sound yacht charter itinerary.


Meet your yacht, SUMMERTIME II, at April Point Resort, and begin cruising towards Blind Channel. The three-hour-long cruise allows you time to settle into life onboard. Get acquainted with the attentive crew while exploring the onboard amenities. Weave through the seemingly endless waterways to Blind Bay. While exploring Desolation Sound you’ll enjoy intimate experiences with nature, picturesque coastal landscapes, and quiet beachfronts.


Home to the Blind Channel Resort on West Thurlow Island, this impeccable destination can only be accessed by boat or float plane. The convenient stop located between Johnstone Strait and Cordero Channel offers a wealth of opportunities. Wine tasting, delicious food, creative artwork, and outstanding hospitality create an exceptional experience. Return to SUMMERTIME II in time to savor the brilliant hues of the setting sun in the distance. Following a lovely meal, end the evening on the deck next to the fire pit. 


Discover the pure joy of life onboard SUMMERTIME II with a splendid morning cruise as you indulge in a decadent breakfast complete with a fresh mimosa. Next, explore the amenities of Dent Island Lodge. Fishing outings, jet boat tours, helicopter excursions, and wildlife observing are just some of the activities offered by the quaint seaside resort. Savor the grand sweeping views of the kelly green mountains beyond the aquamarine waters. For dinner treat yourself to an unparalleled view at the Yaculta Dining Room. Experience life in British Columbia by savoring the farm to table cuisine including local Dungeness crab, halibut, and wild salmon.


Maneuver through Teakerne Arm, a deep inlet extending from Lewis Channel into West Redonda Island. Choose to spend your evening anchored just inside the entrance of Talbot Cove or venture further inward towards the picturesque waterfall flowing from Cassel Lake at the head of the North Arm. Cascading down nearly two and a half stories, the sounds of the stunning waterfall will gently rock you to sleep. The deep cobalt waters present an ideal location for you to explore and take advantage of the onboard amenities, including kayaks and paddleboards. Next, head ashore to hike the short vigorous route to Cassel Lake, another popular swimming location.


Roscoe Bay, on West Redonda Island is where Waddington Channel meets Homfray Channel. This popular anchorage provides the ultimate in serenity and relaxation. The bay is divided into an inner cove and an outer cove, separated by a drying shoal easily crossed by shallow draft boats at half-tide. Most yachts enter the bay on a rising tide. Onboard SUMMERTIME II, you’ll appreciate the unique experience learning about the complex waterways. As you pass yachts of all shapes and sizes anchored in the inner cove you’ll be greeted by friendly smiles and waves as you cruise by. Take the tender to shore and enjoy a leisurely hike to the knob. Here you’ll see the awe-inspiring landscape from above. Spend more time on land by taking an old logging road to Black Lake. During the summer months, the water is warm and will simply implore you to dive in.


Located to the East of Mink Island, Tenedos Bay, more commonly known as Deep Bay offers incredible scenery. This island is joined with the mainland by a drying shoal, shown on the charts. Make your way to the pilothouse to learn how to read the charts yourself.  Just a short dinghy ride away is the mouth of a stream that runs from Unwin Lake. Hike along the stream to this popular swimming stop. Several of the stream’s pools, screened by vegetation create a peaceful environment to enjoy the pure environment. 


Continue your journey to Gorge Harbor Resort, just a short hour-long cruise away. The calm waters of this local favorite boasts sublime scenery, making it a wonderful place to enjoy your last moments aboard SUMMERTIME II. Spend the day on the top deck lounging in the sun and sipping on rose while reading your new book. Don’t forget to end the day with an elegant dinner together served al fresco on the aft deck, followed by a celebratory last-night champagne toast.


As you wrap up your time on board SUMMERTIME II exploring beautiful British Columbia enjoy all the yacht has to offer! Take one last kayak excursion around the bay before getting underway. Prepare to disembark at Taku Resort and Marina located in Drew Harbour.   


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Let your worries melt away as you savor the simplicity of life cruising past majestic mountains onboard SUMMERTIME II during a Desolation Sound yacht charter.