Florida Yacht Charter

Florida Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Florida

Imagine waking up to the exquisite beams of Floridian sunshine pouring into your cabin as you wake up aboard your private yacht. Sip on a fresh glass of Florida orange juice as you admire the sunrise, taking in the beauty of South Florida. Whether you prefer the East or West Coast, Florida is sure to provide you with the ultimate private yacht vacation. 


What better place to embark on your private yacht vacation than the iconic city of Palm Beach? Serving as the pinnacle of luxury, Palm Beach offers an array of exquisite resorts, luxury shopping, and fine dining. Upon your arrival at Palm Harbor Marina, you’ll notice the array of superyachts docked just minutes away from downtown. 

As you come aboard, allow your private chef to prepare a mouthwatering lunch made just to your liking. Whether you prefer to bask in the sun aboard your private yacht or venture into the island for some shopping, Palm Beach has it all. 


As you wake up aboard your luxury yacht, take in the alluring sunrise while breakfast is being prepared. Enjoy a fresh glass of Florida orange juice paired with your favorite breakfast. As you arrive in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll take notice of the astonishing array of yachts, hence why Fort Lauderdale is best known as the yachting capital of the world. 

Take a stroll down Las Olas Boulevard and find a diverse selection of restaurants, bars, and shopping. If you prefer to stay offshore, the warm and inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean are perfect for watersports. 


Perhaps the most exclusive spot in the Florida Keys, Ocean Reef Club offers the perfect balance of luxury and charm without compromising on natural beauty. Spend the day golfing at one of the sprawling 18-hole golf courses conveniently overlooking the ocean. If you prefer to get your feet wet, take a dip in the infinity pool (with a view of the ocean of course), while enjoying your ice-cold beverage of choice. 

What better way to end your day than to watch the sunset? Sip on something bubbly as you listen to your favorite music while admiring the sunset. Once the sun goes down, feast on a savory meal made especially for you by your private chef. 


Wake up to a fresh bowl of local fruit as you head to the sundeck to admire the beautiful morning view. Spend the day lounging by the pool or stay on board and take a leisurely cruise. Explore the glistening turquoise waters of the Florida Keys from your tender or Jet Ski. When you’re ready for lunch, come aboard for a light lunch before heading to the Ocean Reef spa. When the day is done, take your shoes off and relax aboard your private yacht. Take your shoes off and lay among the stars as you feel your worries melt away. 


Once you’ve enjoyed your morning coffee, throw on your swimsuit, and explore the natural wonders of Key Largo. Just a short boat ride from Ocean Reef, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park offers 70 nautical square miles of vibrant marine life. Marvel at the array of fish, coral, and underwater statues that make Key Largo so unique. When you’ve had enough adventure for one day, let your private yacht take you back to Ocean Reef where you can indulge in one of the several award-winning restaurants. 


Sit back and feel the balmy morning breeze as your private yacht sails to Miami. Enjoy a brisk morning workout or sip on some mimosas as you arrive at the Miami Beach Marina. Immerse yourself in the culture of Miami by visiting the South Beach Art Deco District. With its whimsical architecture dating back to the 1930s, the district offers a unique and welcoming charm. If you prefer watersports, take the jet skis for a spin. In your private charter yacht, the possibilities are endless. 

As the sun goes down, toast to Miami’s beauty as you play your favorite music and munch on some hors d’oeuvres. Let the alluring Miami skyline light up the sky as you eat your five-course meal made just to your liking. 


Rise and dine as you savor a delicious breakfast while cruising through the waters of Miami. Take a trip around the iconic Star Island and marvel at the exclusivity and luxury that resides. As you make your way to Biscayne Bay, you’ll notice the water turn bright turquoise. Spend the day tubing, jet skiing, or snorkeling at the sand bar. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, expect an array of your favorite foods waiting just for you. Then head back to the marina for your final dinner aboard. 


As you awaken from your slumber, your private chef is meticulously preparing your final breakfast on board. Then it’s time to pack your belongings and disembark. Although your trip may be over, the memories made are sure to last forever.