Private Yacht Vacations Guide

Private Yacht Vacation fun with friends

If you’re fairly new to the extraordinary experience of private yacht vacations, or perhaps you’re just looking for new inspiration on where to charter a yacht next, you’re in good hands. Worth Avenue Yachts have been organizing stunning, life-changing yacht charters for a long time now, in fact our yacht charter brokers have more than a century of experience between them.

A private yacht vacation is a vacation like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. That, we can promise you. If you’ve come from cruise ships, there are some similarities, certainly: the sunset views, the exotic ports, the excitement of casting away from land and beginning an adventure. But that’s where the similarity ends. Private charter yachts are all about you; there are no queues, crowds, or strangers to contend with, you have a private chef and captain, and, best of all – you have control of the itinerary!  The luxury, the privacy, the freedom – well, let’s just say a private yacht charter is simply unforgettable. You’ll never go back to cruise ships.

Private Yacht Vacation on OASIS

For those of you who haven’t had a holiday at sea before but crave a holiday floating through a tropical Caribbean paradise, cruising slowly down Italy’s Amalfi Coast, or diving off your yacht in the Bahamas, a private yacht holiday offers a truly spectacular way to travel

You’ve stayed in luxury hotels before, certainly, but private yacht vacations are different – so very different. For starters, the whole hotel is yours: for that week it exists only for you. The crew are all yours too, from that private chef creating masterpieces, to the stewardess bringing you cocktails in the Jacuzzi, to the deckhands teaching your kids how to wakeboard. The captain will drive the yacht from gorgeous place to gorgeous place – often through the night so that you can wake up and look out the porthole to yet another extraordinary view.

Private Yacht Vacations with Worth Avenue Yachts

Every day you’re in a different and exciting place, but with no hassles of changing hotels or fighting traffic. You might choose to go ashore to eat at Michelin-star restaurants or be pampered in a luxury spa under the coconut palms, or you can stay aboard and eat elegant meals on deck, and the captain will organize a masseuse to come to the yacht. Night diving, fishing trips, helicopter flights, luxury beach barbecues: nothing is too much trouble on a luxury yacht.

Private Yacht Vacation fun with friends

In fact, on private yacht vacations, there are no troubles. Everything is done for you by the elite, professional crew. It is complete, total relaxation; although if you want action there’s plenty of that too.
As private yacht holidays become more popular, new yacht charter destinations are emerging all over the world, from the stunning islands of Thailand to the jungles of Costa Rica and the towering fjords of Alaska. It is a very exciting time to be chartering a yacht if you feel like an adventure, or you can go to one of the most popular cruising grounds; perhaps the glamorous, sparkling French Riviera, the glorious, fun-filled BVIs, or celebrity-chic Saint Barts.

Private Yacht Vacation fun with friends

Worth Avenue Yachts has a wealth of experience organizing yacht charters across the globe, so whether it’s your first private yacht vacation or your twentieth, please contact us to find out how we make the yachting experience truly special. Our brokerage service is free for our clients, so why not take advantage of our expertise?