What is a Charter Brokerage?

What is a charter brokerage? - an expert guide.

A yacht charter brokerage is a company that charters out and manages charter yachts on behalf of the yacht owner, the principal charterer – or in some cases, both parties.

Yet not all charter brokerages are created equal. Some charter brokerages only operate regionally and have small client databases, while others concentrate only on charter listings – meaning that yacht owners will have to switch to a separate brokerage if you later choose to sell your yacht or have it professionally managed. Always protect yourself by using a respected charter brokerage which is the member of professionally regulated charter bodies such as MYBA, FYBA or CYBA.

For this reason, a global, full-service yacht brokerage like Worth Avenue Yachts is the ideal charter brokerage to use for your charter needs. Their expertise, professional integrity, and wide network ensure that you not only have an extensive pool of charter yachts or charter clients to choose from, but that your interests are always protected.

Chartering Out a Yacht Through a Charter Brokerage

If you’re looking to charter out a yacht for your next vacation or corporate event, you will almost certainly need to go through a charter brokerage to do so. Charter brokerages provide legally binding contracts that protect your interests, they communicate with the owner on your behalf, and are the point of contact with the yacht’s captain – ensuring that everything goes wonderfully during your charter.

What is a charter brokerage? - an expert guide.

A charter brokerage sits down with you to establish what your charter preferences are – from basic details like how many guests you’ll bring and where you’d like to go, down to which specific amenities and water-toys you want on-board and what kind of yacht interiors you like.

They will then provide you with a shortlist of charter yachts in the charter destination you’ve chosen, providing information about the yacht and crew. Worth Avenue Yachts pride themselves on knowing a great deal about the yachts and crew in their charter fleet, using this experience to match charter clients to their perfect yacht.

Once you’ve decided on a charter yacht, Worth Avenue Yachts will provide a charter contract, carefully explaining all the things that are included in the charter, and any extra costs on top of the charter fee. Less trustworthy charter brokers may lure you in with a ‘great deal’ but not explain the extra costs, leaving you with an unexpected bill at the end of your charter. This is why it’s so terribly important to choose the right charter brokerage who explain everything clearly upfront.

The charter brokerage will also organize the Advance Provisioning Allowance, requiring a deposit from you which they will then wire to the yacht’s captain to pay for provisioning, fuel, and any advance berth bookings necessary.

The charter broker will collaborate with the yacht captain to create a bespoke charter itinerary that suits your preferences. They will also provide you with a preference sheet, which you can fill out to let the yacht’s crew know about your food and drink preferences, your music, activity and entertainment needs, as well as preferred service styles if you wish.

Once the charter begins, the charter brokerage stays in contact with the yacht, and is always on hand to answer your queries and manage any special requests to make your charter exceed your expectations.

What is a charter brokerage?

Chartering Out Your Yacht With a Charter Brokerage

If you’re looking to charter out your yacht, the Worth Avenue charter brokerage team will market your yacht across their networks and marketing channels, from targeting their global VIP client list with direct marketing campaigns to well as placing advertisements in yachting magazines and listing your yacht in respected charter databases.

They’ll also advise you on whether your yacht meets the necessary commercial regulations for charter, what kind of weekly rate your yacht can expect to charter out for, and how you can make your yacht even more attractive to the charter market.

A great yacht charter brokerage will work ceaselessly to secure as many charters for your yacht as possible, while also leaving breaks in the schedule in accordance with your wishes. Whether you want to charter your yacht out heavily or lightly is entirely up to you!

What is a charter brokerage?

Once they have secured charter clients for your yacht, the charter brokerage then takes care of the contracts and legalities, ensuring your yacht is protected and operating within charter and maritime regulations at all times. With a top charter brokerage on your side, you have complete peace of mind during the whole process- in fact, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the charter fee to land in your account! The charter brokerage will do the rest.

The charter brokerage is on hand throughout the charter to ensure that the guests enjoy their time on-board, thereby increasing the reputation of your charter yacht and securing return charters.

With a leading yacht charter brokerage looking after the charter side of things, you’ll be free to simply relax and enjoy your yacht, while the charters offset some of the running costs.
Whether you’re looking to charter a yacht or to charter out your own beloved yacht, Worth Avenue Yachts are the right charter brokerage to put your trust in.