Luxury Yacht Charter in the Bahamian Out Islands

Luxury Yacht Charter in the Bahamian Out Islands

Bahamian Out Islands

Pristine outposts of seclusion combining adventure, solitude, and world-class diving.

Largely unexplored by casual tourists, the Out Islands of the Bahamas are an archipelago of secluded islands and cays, all with an enviable reputation for peace, beauty, and natural splendor. The ever-popular Bahamas have long been a destination for beach-seeking vacationers, yet just beyond its hustle and bustle, the Out Islands offer an uninhabited oasis of glistening white sand beaches secretly known to anglers, divers, and nature lovers.

The Out Islands earned their name by being blissfully off the well-traveled path, distinctly separate from the popular destinations of Nassau and Grand Bahama. In this unpopulated and wonderfully desolate paradise, including Eleuthera, Cat Island, and the Exumas, resorts, casinos, and even other cruise ships are nowhere to be found.

The crystalline, shimmering water hovers between 76-84 degrees Fahrenheit, a heavenly temperature on any given day, creating the perfect environment for diving, swimming with dolphins and sharks, and exploring underwater wrecks, reefs, and majestic blue holes. Among this strand of undisclosed anchorages and deserted islands, some of the best scuba diving sites can be uncovered, offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Despite the exotic isolation and quiet ambiance, the start of your journey is just quick flight away from the U.S. Whether you’re seeking adventurous exploration or laid-back luxury and seclusion, the Out Islands of the Bahamas is the ultimate destination.

Cape Eleuthera Marina

Meet your yacht at Cape Eleuthera Marina, perfectly situated between the equally exotic Exuma Sound and Rock Sound. Take your first dive at Bamboo Point, setting the tone for the unparalleled journey you’re about to experience. Enjoy the breezy, sun-drenched bliss on deck while indulging in cocktails and culinary delights prepared by your chef.

Eleuthera to Cat Island

Depart for Hawk’s Nest on Cat Island and prepare to be amazed by the paradise that awaits you – a virtual sanctuary untouched by tourists. This cloistered-away island is abundant with dramatic coral reefs, caves, and canyons that offer incomparable diving.  Leave only your footprints on the secluded beaches, and take with you only the memories of paddle-boarding through mangroves.

Cat Island

A diver’s dream, Tartar Bank on the southeastern side of Cat Island is an amazing seamount with an abrupt drop-off, falling from 62 ft. to 2,950 ft. Springfield Bay is the perfect spot to enjoy a beach barbecue or try your hand at casting a line. And with 50 miles of untouched landscape, rolling hills, nature trails, and the eight-mile Pink Sand Beach, choosing what to see and do will be your only concern.

Cat Island to Conception Island

Though legend has it that Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492, Conception Island is blissfully desolate, inhabited only its history, stunning array of coral gardens, and brilliant reef fish. The diving is exceptional, and the island boasts one of best climates in The Bahamas.

Conception Island


Highly regarded as one of the most remarkable islands in the Bahamas, Conception Island offers pink sand beaches, dramatic sandstone cliffs, and an abundance of wildlife both on land and in sea. Swim and relax in the tranquil waters, or explore the island’s mangrove and creek habitat, home to small green turtles, native fish, sharks, conch, and crawfish. And, of course, there are endless locations for exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling.

Conception Island to Rum Cay

Surrounded by vibrant turquoise water, encircled by white sand beaches, and covered in soft rolling hills of green, Rum Cay greets its guests with flawless perfection. This little-known gem is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean, offering divers vivid coral reefs and extreme underwater drop-offs to explore. After exhilarating adventures, slow the pace with a breezy cocktail at one of the island’s quaint restaurants and bars.

Rum Cay to San Salvador

Save time for the island of San Salvador, where you’ll indulge in pure relaxation, exceptional diving, and historic sightseeing. The island is actually the exposed peak of a 15,000 ft. underwater mountain, and upon landing here in 1492 and discovering the New World, Christopher Columbus named it San Salvador, or “Holy Saviour.” Columbus’s cross, the Olympic Flame monument, the ruins of Watling Castle, and the Dixon Hill Lighthouse are just a few of the historic sites to explore. Dock your yacht at Riding Rock Marina or head to one last remote beach as you take in the final moments of your trip.