Luxury Alaskan Yacht Charter

Luxury Alaskan Yacht Charter

Experience the true beauty of an Alaskan Yacht Charter onboard your private charter yacht. The breathtaking scenery, staggering glaciers, abundant wildlife, and unique culture will leave you in awe. You’ll sure to be retelling the stories of your Alaskan yacht adventure for years to come.

Alaska-Yacht-charter-in-Tracy-Arms- Alaskan Yacht Charter

Tracy Arms

            You won’t want to leave this beautiful inlet once you’ve taken in the dramatic landscapes and breathtaking terrain. Cruise between the 3,000-foot-tall cliffs on either side of the narrow passage to see incredible glacier scenery. Arguably the most spectacular glacier in Alaska, Sawyer Glacier, can be seen from the end of the Tracy Arm. Pieces of ice will calve, or fall from the glacier regularly and can be as large as a cruise ship. During the summer months, you’ll cruise through the jade-colored sea past floating pieces of ice.


Anan Bay- Disembark and trail to see bears (Securely)

This unique location is one of the few places in the world you can see brown bears and black bears living in the same habitat. Anan Creek flows into Anan Bay and features the largest salmon run in Southeast Alaska. During July and August, you’ll spot bears of all ages and sizes hoping to feast on the bountiful pink salmon. The Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory and other private guides offer safe viewing and hiking through the Tongass National Forest where these bears inhabit.


Baranof Warm Springs

            No Alaskan Yacht Charter is complete without visiting Baranof Warm Springs. A well-kept secret until 1891 it is in excellent condition thanks to the local volunteers who keep the area pristine. It’s nestled between a 100-foot waterfall and Warm Springs Bay on Baranof Island making the scenery unparalleled. You can choose to soak in one of the three bathhouses featuring privacy curtains and large tubs brimming with the 120°F water from the springs. Or if you’re feeling adventurous continue up the trail to natural pools for blissful soaking next to the impressive waterfall. Because this location is only accessible by yacht or plane, Baranof Warm Springs is the ultimate Alaskan destination.


Glacier Bay (2-3 Days)

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Glacier Bay than on one of our pristine charter yachts. Take time to experience some of the most impressive scenery, wildlife, and tidewater glaciers in the world. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve spans over 3.3 million miles and is home to over 50 named glaciers. As you cruise through the Bay, you’ll be greeted by humpback whales, sea lions, and harbor seals. Peer off into the rugged mountains to spot foraging bears, mountain goats, eagles and over 200 species of birds. Before you leave the Bay, you’ll want to head up the West Arm to the Margerie Glacier which advances up to 14 feet a day and calves frequently.


Pybus Bay/Cannery Cove- Disembark and trail to see bears

If you’re looking for recreation, relaxation, and remote scenery you’ll find it in Cannery Cove and Pybus Bay. Located on the Southeast side of Admiralty Island and along Stephens Passage, this is a stop you won’t want to miss. Start your day by making the catch of a lifetime fishing for the plentiful varieties of salmon and halibut off the coast. Continue your adventures on one of the many hiking trails that offer glimpses of bears in their natural setting. End your day by watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky as you unwind.


Frederick Sound/The Brothers

There are many places in the world that offer whale watching, but there is no other location that offers the raw beauty, tranquility, and grace of whale watching like the Frederick Sound. As you cruise past the humpback whales and seals be sure to stop at the Five Finger Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse was the first government lighthouse opened in Alaska and the last lighthouse in Alaska to be automated. The unique architecture of the lighthouse will stand out from the rugged landscapes along the coastline.